I spend every summer by the sea. Whether it be in Montauk, the Caribbean, or Maui. With all of my sunny summer travels, I have added in a little extra boost every morning and night with SK-II‘s Facial Essence Treatment to renew my skin. My skin is always so much better whenever I wear no makeup. It’s in the summer I really let my skin breathe, and would really like to show its natural dew. SK-II’s Facial Essence Treatment’s main ingredient is Pitera: a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. I have read so much about this miracle ingredient that I decided I needed to try it and take the #OneBottleAwayFrom challenge. My personal skin goals? An even skin tone with a firm, smooth texture. The SK-II Facial Essence Treatment actually exfoliates, minimizes pores, and helps to reduce and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Even though my skin doesn’t have much show many signs of aging yet, I’m dedicating every single day in preventing my skin from any damage. This summer, my goal is to go #OneBottleAwayFrom being makeup-free which is why I decided to embark on this #OneBottleAwayFrom journey all summer long. That means for me, minimizing the size of my pores and really evening my skin tone and diminishing any acne “spots” from those teenage years. The ultimate goal is to feel confident enough to go absolutely foundation free this summer. It’s pretty amazing how this bottle has transformed my skin from the spring time until now, and helped me reach this goal.

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Team Suarez consists of both Dylana and I, either behind and in-front of the lens. Dy and I just get one another. We’re free to be our crazy selves. We’re sisters. There’s no filter in anything we say or do. As a model, I shoot with different photographers all the time, switching in and out of character, sometimes I’m more comfortable in front of an unknown lens, I get to act…but there’s just something about being photographed by the people you love, which allows you to really be yourself. There’s an ease. It’s rare my boyfriend photographs me, but this time on our trip to St. Maarten, I let him. I guess now you can call him an instagram boyfriend. He absolutely loves to take photos and really does have a fantastic, editorial eye. I let him have a little fun behind the lens and gave him full creative freedom with my 35 mm. Only he can think wearing a towel as a dress is elegant on me.

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This beautiful Shelter Island, NY abode is home to interior designer, Jonathan Adler. The moment I walked through the bold orange front door, I immediately stopped and gasped. Once you soak in the gorgeous and eclectic decor, you’ll notice it’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows, looking out to it’s own private beach. Talk about breathtaking. This interior designer really knows how to make a statement.

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The Lavender Farm in Maui was perched high up on the hill in the middle of the island. On a morning so foggy, you could only see clouds rolling out into the ocean below. Peaceful. I couldn’t wait to awake my senses as scent and fragrances are some of my favorite things to discover. My powder room has a whole shelf dedicated to perfumes from around the world, lavender being something I love to lather on my body before bed. It’s a scent that just makes me melt. Lucky for us, the lavender fields were in bloom….they smelled so fresh and delicate. I wanted to pluck the whole garden and take it home with me! It’s a soft, feminine, yet so powerful scent. One to pluck and stick in a book to dry up to keep forever.

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