Monday, September 1, 2014

Meet Mia the LEO // Pandora Star Sign Essence Collection

Meet Mia of my very good friends, and oh did I mention BIRTHDAY GIRL?! I'm so ready to sing Happy Birthday to this major BABE! She's 26! And being a Leo, born on 8/8/88 (talk about a lucky number!) I shot her in her own stacked Pandora Sign Star Essence Collection bracelets. It was so easy to photograph this beauty in her favorite jewels by her home in the West Village. She just oozes cool, and she never ceases to amaze me with her whimsical, long wavy locks, and eclectic style. Her bohemian roots show through and through with just a flip of her hair. With her Leo bracelets, she designed it with her Leo star sign charm along with the confidence and courage charms. Both defining her to a T. Confident in that she can wear whatever she wants and lives by her own rules. She's the happy-go-lucky girl that's always smiling, and can easily make you her best friend. The boys always swooning without her even noticing. Courageous in that she's a risk taker. Always one to take a chance, hop in a helicopter for a joy ride, or make a last minute weekend trip across country. She's an individual, and one of the sweetest girls I know. I love you Mia. Happy Birthday!

// all photos by me  //

GIVEAWAY: Today I'm also giving one reader a chance to win a Pandora Essence Collection Bracelet with a star sign charm and 2 charms with matching values.
Contest begins today and runs for 1 week! Until September 9th!
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

JE T'AIME // Campaign

Channeling Jane Birkin for the latest SHOELINE.COM Fall '14 campaign meant a fluff of the bangs, heavy mascara, and French simplicity everywhere else. I ended up bringing a ton of my own pieces to the set...because I just absolutely love Jane's style. I feel a little bit of her is reflected in what I wear on a day to day basis. I could see Jane wearing these Minnetonka boots bare-legged with a striped mini, or leather jacket. But this time, we went for DENIM ON DENIM. She could rock bell bottoms like nobody else. Normally just simple with a white crew tee is all you need, but here I went with my inner 70's rock n' roll soul. I paired them with a denim shirt and the Minnetonka booties with an adorable side concho. Moccassins will never go out of style. I love them to death. Simple, with a whole lotta fringe. I never thought I'd just plop down off 2nd avenue with my brand spankin' new Martin guitar, but it sure felt good to take that baby to the streets.

// 7fam flares, SHOELINE.COM Minnetonka booties //

I'll be releasing more from the campaign each week!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

PRINT PLAY // Covet Fashion

This is one super eclectic and colorful look I put together with the brands from the Covet Fashion app!

With the app, you style your model for whatever mood you may be in…creating a look for an occassion you'll eventually take into real life. Then, you can shop the items in the outfit you create! I went with this gorgeous Cynthia Rowley sweater and skirt twinset. Talk about a luxe and playful set. The print really POPS and so I went with more subtle handbag that I can wear every single day... this beautiful suede Zimmermann bucket bag. It's with statement jewelry that I like to go crazy with! Last minute, I grabbed some Lionette earrings and braceletsfor a bit of edgy shine. With the app, I get to play with the new pieces from the designers I love, and discover new brands that I can shop. Who said florals and polka-dots weren't a combo? I'm diggin' the quirky cool looks come fall.

// Cynthia Rowley sweater and skirt, Zimmermann bucket bag, Lionette by Noa Sade earrings and bracelets (the "caspi" bracelet and "solange microphone glove" bracelet) // 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

HELLO THERE SWEDEN // Stockholm Fashion Week

Why hello there SWEDEN! I am BEYOND excited to be here in Stockholm for the very first time, covering all the shows for Stockholm Fashion Week. There's something I just love about the air here in Scandinvia. The air so crisp, even better on a rainy day! It really already feels like fall here, and so I'm already living in a coat and boots. I'll be covering all the shows with my sister Dylana and VIDEOFYME, an video app here in Sweden that I've used for years. They have brilliant filters to make short films, and it's so easy to cut and paste. I'm a die-hard fan. I'm so excited to re-unite with the team, SWEDISH STYLE. 

Speaking of which, I've always adored the fashion here in Stockholm. The focus on clean lines, and structured and beautiful quality pieces. They are masters of MINIMALISM. I love how they can make a total statement without the use of prints, but with textures, neutrals, and shapes. My style is absolutely eclectic and I love my wacky prints and bohemian layers, but those simplistic necessities are definitely in my closet. Did I say VEDA?! I packed a ton this time... like this plaid structured coat, and leather pale pink tank. Divine.

// VEDA coat and leather camisole, SIWY Denim ripped jeans (similar), MODERN VICE frankie boots, GUCCI bamboo tote, H&M hat, SABRINASL hand cuff, Lizzie Fornutado necklace // 

Make sure to follow all of my VIDEOFYME videos, and of course, create an account and get started babes. You'll be hooked.

Now take a peek at yesterday's show, FILIPPA K. I love discovering these prominent Swedish labels. I was taken to heaven during this presentation. The water fountain, the model's glows, and knits to wear for a lifetime. 

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Monday, August 25, 2014


I'm so excited to announce the global launch of DKNY's new fragrance, MYNY! I celebrated alongside major babes Rita Ora and Chrissy Teigan at their launch event at Madison Square Park, the perfect place to embody the essence of the fragrance! Famed pastry chef, Dominique Ansel, created a custom heart shaped pretzel insired by the fragrance, and it was such a hit! SO DELICIOUS. Guests were also able to create their own "MYNY" digital heart, made up of images from their social media pages. (YOU CAN TOO!) I love that even if you're not from NYC, you do have your own version of  MYNY. It could be bike rides through Central Park at sundown, or your favorite pizza joint in in Williamsburg. This city really just inspires every single day. The fragrance embodies the urban, spirited energy of NYC, and the people in it. I had so much fun being a part of the action, and seeing the huge crowds of people from all over the world who came out to hang out with us!

For this huge event, I went with a classic, all white DKNY Resort pantsuit. The oversize trench, matching blouse, and culottes. So perfect with a classic heel. I can't get enough of this amazing look! So CHIC. 

I cannot wait for you all to experience the is sooo delicious and just what I need to take into fall. Plus, the bottle is absolutely gorgeous! 

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