Thursday, July 24, 2014


Miami Swim Week went by quicker than we expected. We sat by the pool Monday afternoon, in a haze, not wanting to board the flight back to New York. But let's rewind to the beginning. Dylana and I had just arrived this evening. The humid like a kick to the face, I hopped in the shower once we arrived, leaving me with a head of wet hair before the first runway show that night. But there's something I love about these HOT SUMMA NIGHTS. The Freehand Miami became one of the coolest little spots to hang at night. The Broken Shaker famous to locals. The eclectic decor, the group of cool kids behind a fog of smoke, the style. It's like the Brooklyn in Miami. Oh, and not to mention, the music was perfect. It definitely felt a bit like home. But trust, I did love the beautiful Delano and Raleigh hotels on the strip. We got to experience all of Miami. From the luxury, to the nightclubs (talk about an unknown adventure!), to the beaches. It was indeed ROMPER weather. Just sitting on the chair, you can feel your skin dripping. I kept my wardrobe simple. But had quite some fun adding unexpected accessories and lip colors to all my looks. This evening, I went with the sandals I wore every night, a lace onesie, and my boyfriend's scarf as a necktie. I guess I brought the French to Florida baby.

I've got loads more to show you. Like my surprise appearance on the 6 Shore Road catwalk. Stay tuned.

// 6 Shore Road romper, Filili by Luiny necklace, Matt Bernson sandals //

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The new Marc Jacobs perfume is here! DAISY DREAM. "For the Daisy girl who dares to dream." I am in love with this light and airy scent. And how beautiful is this bottle?! It's a completely new design, giving the daisy embroidery a lace-like look. So ethereal, and beautiful. Whenever I wear this scent, I think of myself in all white. My most innocent little white lace dress. That, barefoot, my favorite accessories, and sitting in the white sand. It's a youthful and free look I want to keep forever and ever. The new fragrance captivates delectable top notes of blackberry, fresh grapefruit, and succulent pear. The heart of the scent derives from jasmine, lychee, and blue wisteria. The base is my favorite part. We're talking white woods, musk, and coconut water. This new bottle is the perfect addition to the rest of my Daisy collection. It's a more romantic and feminine take on the classic Daisy, and I'm in love.

The fragrance is available in all MJ/ MBMJ boutiques

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Somedays Lovin Fall '14 CAMPAIGN

The SOMEDAYS LOVIN Fall '14 ad campaign has officially launched! Dylana and I modeled in this campaign together, and you know it's going to be a good time when the Suarez SISTAS get together. Shot in our hometown of Los Angeles, we played in a gritty yard full of airstreamers, old run-down cars, cactus, and twinkling night lights. The perfect quirky setup to compliment this TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL collection. We're talking rock tees, fuzzy sweater dresses, turtlenecks, and soft cozy plaids. That pink coat is on my "must have" list come fall. I've always been a huge fan of this Aussie label, and to work with them has been a dream! Some of the coolest things really do come from down under.

It's true. SOMEDAYS YOU JUST DON'T GIVE A                       .

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Monday, July 21, 2014


One of my ULTIMATE summer destinations is BALI, Indonesia. And it's exciting to share my ltitle inside scoop with ShopStyle's TRAVEL HUB amongst other tastemakers and designers.

When I travel, I love playing the explorer, and I LOVE to wear tons of print in these hot and humid exotic locations. Bali is just perfect for that. The city has an energy that just makes you feel more calm, more peaceful. It's the perfect faraway destination. The volcanos, the ancient temples…there's so much exciting beauty everywhere you turn. Though I stayed in the luxurious town of Nusa Dua...I loved to visit the LOCALS. Ubud, being one of the best places to be. The art, the food, the rice patty fields! 


The oceans in Bali are serene. The water so blue, and the beaches so calm. I love to paint the beach loads of color by mixing and matching psychedelic prints! I like to go for a super cool rash guard, on top of cheeky bikini bottom. Ecclectic and cool. Then, I pile on the jewelry. The heavy beaded cuffs, the turquoise rings. A bandana headband to keep the hair off my face. And cat eye sunglasses. Who said you can't be chic in the ocean?


I'm a total biking girl, and so I wear just about anything when I'm traveling in exotic cities. It could be a plaid midi dress, a cropped lace blouse, or classic vintage Levi's. But I always, always play up the shoes. For hot Summer mornings, I go for a platform espadrille sandal . . . for nights, I slip into a classic black chelsea boot. It's all about the accessories — the chain belt looped through your shorts or hung low on the hips of your dress and the chic oversize sun hat. And a backpack is a must. 

SHOP SHOP my entire Bali SHOPSTYLE Travel Hub (and follow me on ShopStyle), and find your own boheme Bali bungalow on Tablet. 

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

@OurTrueRoots are #TIGERNUTS! Organic Gemini

Okay, so I've found a new ON THE GO, OFF DUTY drink that I love. It's the @OurTrueRoots Organic Gemini #TigerNutHorchata. MMmm, my favorite. I discovered this badboy in the fridge at Whole Foods, and became obsessed. I grew up with horchata, but this one is 100x more healthy. And completely vegan (perfect for anyone). My personal favorite is the CHAI Tigernut Horchata, because I love a little spice. But first, WHAT IS A TIGERNUT? I honestly had no idea before either. I just saw horchata, and went for it!! But then, I met the founder at their Brooklyn facility, and he told me all about it and their super special ingrediants.

TIGERNUTS are actually not a nut, but a vegetable. A root! It's one of the first nutrient-rich crops since humans existed...over 2 million years ago! Somehow, we forgot our true roots...which are Tiger Nuts, and now, Organic Gemini is bringing our original source of food back in a big way. Tigernuts are the #1 food source for a type of fiber called Resistance Starch (it's a PREbiotic). Tigernuts fuel our probiotics and give us a strong immune system and prevent against disease. AKA, it's supperrr good for you.

Next to the drinks which I love, I also stock up on the Tigernut flour, and actual raw organic Tigernuts for cooking. 

Here, I made some ultra delicious Banana Tigernut Cinnamon COOKIES

What you need:

1 bag of Tigernut Flour 
1 bag of  raw organic Tigernuts
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
2 bananas (mashed)
Dash of vanilla extract
1 cup of Agave Nectar 

1. Mash up your bananas and add in the Tigernut FLOUR. Mix it up!

2. Sprinke on your cinnamon and give it a whirl! 

3. Add in your raw organic Tigernuts! I prefer to leave them whole. They have the texture of coconut bits...or you can blend them into little chips. 

4. Throw everything into a larger bowl. Put in 1 cup of Agave Nectar for purely natural sweetness! And also a teaspoon of Sea Salt.

5. Grease your pan with a tiny bit of coconut oil, spread out your cookies, and BAKE for 15-20 minutes!

Enjoy my newest obsession @OurTrueRoots #TigerNuts here at Organic Gemini.

Find more recipes on @OurTrueRoots Pinterest!

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Friday, July 18, 2014


This is the ultimate white mini to take from the late night party into the next day. A FIT N' FLARE. The most flattering shape known to mankind. I just wore this little number to the Macy's bar III party this week but with a widebrimmed hat, and some prim little shoes and socks. This time? I took it for a spin down in my neighborhood of the East Village. Complete with my boyfriend's baseball cap and my own ponyhair sneakers. Did I mention Macy's bar III just launched SHOES?! I'm still awaiting my heeled bootie I just ordered and picked from the launch event that I attended this week. I'm in love with this brand of theirs in particular. It's sophisticated but immediately down-to-earth any which way you style it. 

bar III dress

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