Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Color Me Nana / Natalie off Duty x F21 Berlin Guide

I am BEYOND excited that I can finally share our #F21xme BERLIN Travel Guide. We actually hit up a whole lot more during our 4 day trip than just what is featured below, but these were a few of our favorites! Super cool hangouts, winebars, restaurants, and markets. We got you covered. Thanks Forever 21 for following Dylana and I on our wild #F21xMe adventures in Berlin.

Kauf Dich Glucklich
Oderberger Straße 44, Prenzlauer Berg

We randomly walked by this super cute crepes and Belgium waffle place on the way to a wine bar we wanted to check out, and instantly fell in love with this Kaug Dich Glucklich. The candy-colored chairs outside are super inviting, and the inside is just as lovely. But really, no sweet tooth can deny how delicious the treats are here! We decided on the spot to share a waffle and a crepe for dinner that night, followed with wine down the street. The portions are huge and the toppings are warm and generous. We were drowning in sugar love all evening. 

Boxhagener Platz

It was hard for Nat and I to choose which neighborhood we liked better, Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain. Both border each other, and have similar vibes, but  guess you can say that Friedrichshain  is a little bit more grown up. It has Boxhagener Platz which puts on an awesome flea market on Sundays. This is the place to go for some souvenirs to take home with you, as well as some sweet vintage deals. Simon Dachstrasse is a street close by that is every food lover's dream. Filled with quirky shops and great people watching, Friedrichshain really made a great impression. 

Charlie's Asian Bakery
Orianientraße 187, Kreuzberg

There really are small wonders everywhere you go, like this little hole-in-the-wall coffee shop and bakery in the heart of Kreuzberg, the hip and vibrant epicenter of creativity in Berlin. This Asian coffee shop is nothing like what you'll find in your everyday Chinatown. It's super quaint with pops of pastel colors in the corners. We chowed down on some Matcha green tea cake and Vietnamese lattes over the latest in Berlin fashion magazines before venturing on. What's also awesome about this place is that it also has a mini shop in the back where you can purchase gorgeously dyed kimonos and other lovely knick knacks. 

Bagels & Bialys
Rosenthaler Straße 46, Berlin Mitte

You can tell that Nat and I are definitely New Yorkers is because we live off bagels and try to scout them out on the regular. So leave it up to us to find somewhere to get our bagel fix all the way in Berlin. Bagels & Bialys is apparently a household name in Berlin's Mitte district, and for good reason. Toppings for you bagel are always fresh and there is no such thing as a combination that doesn't work. On top of just bagels, there is also a wide selection of sandwiches and Turkish delights that will be sure to suit your fancy. The place is pretty tiny, so if the weather is nice, take your bagel to a park down the street in Mitte and watch the pretty locals and confused tourists make their way across town.

And more posts to come on what we wore in Berlin, featuring Forever 21! But here's a sneak peek for now :) More to come!

The Berlin Wall / East Side Gallery
 Mühlenstraße, Kreuzberg/Friedrichshain

Berlin is full of history, and the Berlin Wall is a major part of Germany's past and the years ahead for the country after it was partially taken down. Today, what is left of the original Berlin Wall is known as the East Side Gallery, running along the border between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. Today, each part of the wall is covered in artwork and graffiti, the majority of which make political statements and/or create visions that force you to tap into your imagination. It really is amazing how many stories the wall tells. It's the heart and soul of the city. An expression of freedom. 

Forum Weinerei 

Fehrbelliner Straße 57, Berlin Mitte

We were looking for a casual and relaxed place to get some wine, so after a quick dig on the Internet, I found out about this place that had an evening long wine-tasting every night.  For 2 euros, you can get a glass of wine and feel free to help yourself to a plethora of different wines to drink throughout the night. When you are done, just leave a fair amount to cover what you think you drank. It's actually a sweet deal! The inside is warm and inviting, dimly lit with interesting art pieces hanging from the ceilings and covering the walls. It's very classy, but this is where all the cool kids hang for a chill night in Berlin. 

Neue Heimat

Revaler Straße 99, Friedrichshain 

Right next door to Boxhagener Platz is the amazing and mind-blowing Neue Heimat, an indoor food market every Sunday. Coming from Brooklyn, I have become quite familiar to my neighborhood's plethora of food markets and festivals, but let me tell you, they never get old. And I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty sure that Berlin's version of Smorgasbord gives Williamsburg a run for its money. Taking over what seemed like two large buildings, Neue Heimat was filled to the brim with delicious things to nom nom on from all over the world.  Today, trendy is non-traditional, and Neue Heimat is just that. You can find just about any sort of fusion combination here to go along with a wide variety of beers, of course. Hey, this is Berlin, you have to drink beer with everything. If you are visiting Berlin, make sure to keep a Sunday afternoon free to take in everything Neue Heimat has to offer. Your stomach will thank you!

Pho Hoi
Skalitzer Straße 95, Kreuzberg

When in Berlin, eat . . . Vietnamese food?!? Why, yes, of course!! If you guys follow us closely on social media, then you know how much we crave a nice big bowl of pho soup on the weekly. It was a slightly rainy day in Berlin, and Vietnamese sounded like the best thing to keep us cozy until it passed.  The food was authentic and the portions were generous, and the little yellow stools we sat on were quite charming. What I love most about Berlin is all the food options you can find in such close vicinity to each other. Berlin is a city that thrives on its mix of culture, and getting the chance to eat our way through it was a divine experience. 

The Michelberger Hotel
Warschauer Straße 39-40, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

We've heard a lot about the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin and made sure to hit it up during our trip. It's in the lively Friedrichshain district of Berlin. This area is way hip and super built up, it still has the vibe of being an area full of squatters and artists. Both grungy and artsy. This hotel's lounge area was the perfect place for Dylana and I to make a pit stop to regroup after our long walk along the Berlin Wall. With interesting and imaginative design including layered stacks of book next to the seating areas, the Michelberger Hotel is a feast for the eyes. The inside bar/restaurant, Honolulu Bar, serves delicious organic food, as well as the famous Fountain of Youth drink, fresh coconut water straight from the palm tree. It will blow your mind! 

Santa Maria
Oranienstraße 170, Kreuzberg 

Oranienstraße in Krezuberg is where it's all happening in Berlin. Coffeeshops, bars, clubs, restaurants, vintage shops, etc. can be found all along this street and the surrounding area. It reminded me so much of the East Village in NYC, except even more hopping if that is even possible. We walked by this place with hipster kids eating huge plates of delicious looking Mexican food and knew we wanted in, so we made plans to get dinner there the next day. Our last night in Berlin was rainy and completed with a Mexican feast. Eggs on our nachos?? Um, YES, please. A taste for Mexican food is in my blood, and I was pretty stoked to find out that one of the best places to fulfill my love for it would be in Berlin. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


These were taken late June, early July, just seconds before a giant storm cloud drifted in behind me. Back when washed out blue denim was all you needed, along with a good pair of overalls. I'm really giving you some SUMMER LOVIN' this week to catch up on all of these lost moments. With fashion week, and everything else, I've begun to miss these raw moments. Rockaway Beach. Their famous taco joint in itself (Rockaway Taco) is worth the hour train ride from the city! 

Currently stowed in the far corner of my closet? My beat-up straw hats awaiting the next day to sunbathe. Crochet crop tops so light they blow away with the wind. The giant tote of classic black bikinis, always filled with sand.

// BEACH RIOT bikini (see more), Vintage Levi's denim jacket, Ax + Apple necklace //

// Hudson Jeans overalls, San Diego Hat Co. straw hat, Artisan De Luxe crochet, Sancia handbag, VANS leather sneakers //

Monday, September 29, 2014


I have so many little stories to tell you from my weekend getaways. I really, REALLY miss our #MontaukOffDuty days, though I'm still currently happy to be cozying up in a sweater and looking out into the gloomy city skyline from my home workspace. But yes, Montauk days were pure bliss. I'd do anything to get that tan back! But it's the oceanside runs, beachside picnics, and most importantly, our PLAYLISTS that got me going. Now, you can listen to ours. It's my boyfrien'ds mix: THE DAYLIGHT MIX. You have to listen. It's just what you need when you're on the road...or desk-side! I'm still listening to it...summer dreaming.

But when the rain hits out East (which it always does) we sort of panicked. So instead of looking out into the empty pool chairs, splattered with rain. We got on the road. Headed to do anything, anywhere. That's how we ended up here. Randomly stumbling upon Wölffer Estate Vineyard. The rows of grape vines so long, and so wide, you can't see anything on either side. Pure GREEN. I've fall hard for these beautiful places. The rainy, damp streets of Sag Harbour. The stately homes with their black shutters. It's a place you'll find movie stars hidden in the back of the restaurant, yet it's still got a down to earth vibe. The winery was just what we needed before heading back to the city...saying goodbye to summer. For a day on the patio, and running through the fields, I went with a classic white tunic, sequined bohemain shorts, and a woven hat. 

photos by me and Jordan Adoni

// Marissa Webb tunic dress, Goldbarr necklace, Worth & Worth hat, Forever 21 sequined shorts, Kelsi Dagger tote //