Sunday, May 8, 2011 and I are giving away $250! (Good Anywhere!)

Starting today, and I are giving away a $250 shopping voucher (good ANYWHERE) to ONE LUCKY READER!! is one of my favorite online shopping sites. I love how all of my favorite brands are there, in one chic and stylish place. has even added a new feature. You can now "Favorite" items you love! Easy and simple! Here is a sneak peek at my profile and see all of my favorite items!

To enter my giveaway simply:

1. Follow me on Bloglovin'
2. Create a account (takes 3 seconds) and "favorite" 10 items!
3. Comment below with you username

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! I'm sure you will find something you love!



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∆ Sara said...


Shatirah-Dstation said...

follow your bloglovin

beso username: shatirah

wish me luck:)

Belén said...

Love the give away!
Belen Sanchez
Wish me luck! xxx

Joll Burr said...

what a great giveaway! i didnt know till now but it looks great! so i follow you via bloglovin and did what was needed to enter this giveaway! my nickname at beso is JollBurr
xo, Joll

adele said...

so cool! <3


naomi said...

such an awesome give away!!!

finally hatachi

Pithsala said...

Following you already!

Nickname at Beso: Knightinn

RAYNE said...

amazing giveaway! beso username: RayneS


Flora said...

I follow you on bloglovin' and my beso username is flora87.
I keep my fingers crossed!

Agata said...


great giveaway:)

ANN said...

Oooh count me in! :)


25th Fabulous Street said...

Great Giveaway!
I am follower via Bloglovin {shopping-diva)
Beso user name (shopping-diva).


G said...

Beso username: GigiRC

Anna and Xenia said...

Ana Bozovic

ivana said...

love it! ;)

Shasie said... username is Shasie

Fashion Agony said...

Hey, I've been Bloglovin you or a very long time!
I also have an account at Beso where I save a lot of favorites, my nickname is FashionAgony.

Charlotte said...

My Beso username is: CharlotteK

Hanna said...

Love this giveaway!!!
Beso username: evalaviva

elisabeth said...

"Beso" means "kiss"!Love the name and the giveaway!

ne-knopka said...

Great giveaway!
I am blog follower via GFC and bloglovin

username - neknopka

anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

MariaLuisa said...

My Beso Username: MariaLuisa

Ivanina said...

Fantastic giveaway!

Bloglovin'follower already
Beso username: ivanina

Laura said...

great giveaway!!
following you already :)

Beso-account: Loekske89


fashionstarfall said...

Amazing giveaway, as always)

follow your bloglovin)

My beso username: Laivly

Gina Michele said...

Great giveaway!!!

My Beso nickname is Gina Michele

Thanks Natalie!

♥ Gina Michele

Ana said...


MissItaly said...

followed on Bloglovin'
Beso account is missitaly688

Kate said...

I follow you through bloglovin, and already had a beso account (kaaate) and just added items to my favorites!


baby_doll4teen said...

my username is Giorgiana :)

Leah Harrison said...

My beso username is "leahh" and here are my favorites:

I'm following you through bloglovin', too.

Leah M.

Michelle Elaine said...

i think my username is meesow00? but the email address i used is: meesow00(at)hotmail(dot)com.

and its weird, i liked way more than 10 items, but when i go to view my faves i only see a few of them :(


. said...



sarah said...

great giveaway!

username: sileno

natalia.d said...

omg... amazing giveaway!! :)) and also great blog!!

my beso username: nataliastttt :)

Lubna said...

Count me in! :D

My Beso username: loobnah

& I'm already following you via Bloglovin :)

Fingers crossed!

Lubna | ELLE VOX

charlotte said...


Greetings :)

Sephira said...

I am already a follower of you :)

and my username is Sephira
(favorited more than 10 hehe couldnt help myself!)

xx Seph

Any said...

I already follow you in bloglovin and my beso account is: any_tessie

wish me luck

olivia said...

Ooh, exciting! Here's hoping.
Already a bloglovin' follower, and my beso name is ohlivia.

Ottavia said...

That's The Giveaway! :)
I didnt know till now but it looks great place!
My Beso account is Ottavia
and I follow you already :)

Natálie said...


my beso name: NatalieKal


Simona said...

thanks for this giveaway girl!
my beso username: S.Laroche


Monik said...

my beso nickname:

Mila Rock Baby said...

my username: milarockbaby

(i favourited more than 10 items but in my faves i only see three of them, dont know why!)

Mitchie said...

follow your bloglovin

beso username: michelle2119
irinasas at yahoo dot com

Stine said...


Love your blog <3

Angela Leberte said...

already following on bloglovin

beso username: angelaleberte

great site, thanks for showing us <3

mayuski said...


your blog is awesome, thanx for the giveaway!

Ana said...

Following you already!
My nick is Anuska

Shanah said...

Hey Natalie!
i'm already following you on Bloglovin' :) My beso username is blancsection ;)


Trishie said...

Followed and my username is simplyadorkable <3

Pralinka said...

done! my nick is chocarome.

PpZflame said...

Hi!I'm already following you on loglovin.
Beso username:PpZflame

songbird said...
1.i already do follow you on bloglovin' as well as blogger actually
2.i did username- debic

Caroline K. said...

This is so amazing, two of my favorite sites together? I can't resist!

Caroline.Maire (

And I follow you on Bloglovin! (

Milce said...

Amazing giveaway and great blog :)


Piia said...

Great site ! My beso usename is PiiaO.

anaivecloset said...

Wow! Love it!
My nickname is anaval.

Cindy said... username: stylesouffle

Style Soufflé

littletilly said...

yes yes yes this is great!
mimonami is my username xx

Julie said...

Fantastic opportunity!

My username : Julie V

Cátia Silva said...

Great giveaway!


The Fancy Teacup said...

Already following you, hun! :)

My beso username: TheFancyTeacup

Joanna said...


Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh how exciting!!! :D
I follow with bloglovin and my beso username is ClosetFashionista

Miglė said...

WOW amazing giveaway :)

my beso username: miglushka

Kamila said...

I already followed you on bloglovin <3

My beso username: applepied

Wish me luck!


love this shop, and the hasbeens we won are wonderful! thank you so much!
RONJA AND LEONIE is our username.

Brittney said...

This is awesome :)

i'm already following you on bloglovin'

here is my username: smile9909

i hope i win hehe :)

Megan said...

Love this
my nickname is meganbryant

AliceSemeniouk said...

I followed you already <3

xx Alice

Cynthia De La Cruz M. said...

que lindo todo ! me encanta !
username: cin_delacruz
my mai:

Cynthia De La Cruz M.

Vaida said...

hi,my username : paella

Jones said...

great giveaway !
beso username : mary.jones


Sílvia Astride Cardoso said...

Beso username: Astride
E-mail: or

Great opportunity ! : ) Fingers crossed <3

Bisou *

Magpie Style said...

Was already following your wonderful blog on Bloglovin'
My Besos account is: magpiestyle
email: tracey at traceyvelt dot com

I've been scouring Besos for an hour now and have WAY more than 10 loves...

littlemissobsessive said...

already following and my nickname is hollymonroe.

It's a really cool site!

María | Mi vestidor en tiempos revueltos said...

Hello! Good luck to all

My username beso: MariaIn


hueleacoco said...

My name in Beso is hueleacoco



Jules said...

Done! The site looks pretty good I'm going to have to spend some more time checking it out. My username is Jules729.

Joana said...

Hello from Portugal :)
What a great giveaway!

Username: JoanaCaldeira

Roxy Y said...

My Beso account name is Roxy.y
Thank u ~~~~~~~~

èLe said...

Thanks for anything!!
...and wish me luck!

I'm Lauripin, following you, always.


Chiara said...

Beso username: ChiaraC

<3<3 Love ur blog!!

daisychain said...

got you on bloglovin

and daisychaindrean on beso.


Nicole said...

Here's me Beso username: nic0lesbs

P.S Adore your personal style!

Dorothée said...

what an amazing giveaway, so nice !!


Skyebleu said...

I wanna get in on the fun too. My user name is Skyebleu.

Valeria said...

Thank you!!!

My username is Valeria1986

desaria said...

My username is desaria

Coco said...

username = Orphancoco83

Thanks! <}

シャイミ;; said...

beso username: Crui

Kate said...

Done! Was already following you on Bloglovin!

Beso nickname is "Divergent Musings"

john.ramsbottom1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hannah said...

I've been following you on bloglovin for a while :)

My beso username is hannahdlc. I don't know why I've never used the site before, it's amazing!

Pari Coleini said...

username: paricoleini

great giveaway xxx

eloisa said...

Hi! Already following and I added my favorite items in Beso (account name eloisamartin79)!

Vanessa said...

Thanks!! Great giveaway <3

Wish me luck...


honey and salt said...

Following! my beso account name is: pilourey

Michaela said...

Ok done :-)


C said...

I "favored" more than ten items! haha

My Beso nickname is "ce08995"

Kenziefaith said...

Ooh! I have a lot of favorites on there. haha

My username is "knzfaith"

Coralie said...

Great giveaway!

Beso unsername: Coralicious
And I'm following you on Bloglovin for months already ;)

x, C

PiruletadeGato said...

Wish me luck!
I'm "petitsuisse"

HenryandJune said...

***wishing*** love Beso and your blog!

Beso username: Model_citizen

valentina ♥ said...

i hope you'd like my favourites!
my account is "ValentinaLove"

i'm yet following you with bloglovin.

Bibi HI said...

Bibi HI
Thank you ;)


leilani.e said...

cool site! It's kind of overwhelming, but fun nonetheless :)
new beso username: leilanie

Meanz said...

username: meanzchan


Meanz (Koi Story

rafaela said...

this is quite a giveaway! :)
username: chickenpox

Erratic Traveller said...

Travellinglightly! I hope I win...

leilani said...

so awesome! i follow you on bloglovin', my username is leilanifb on beso.

Elizabeth said...

wow! nice giveaway =)

username: misaomeimei

Bisous Are for Lovers said...


thanks for the giveaway!

Ms.Fashionista said...

I'd lovee to win! Already following on Bloglovin' and joined username: alifeinthefashionlane

P.S. Favorited 10 items!


kAry said...


Love your blog :p

Jessie said...

what a fantastic give away! i love it. thank you for sharing this. :D

glitteryeyesxx said...

I have followed you through BLOGLOVIN'! =)

I have also created a Beso account, my username is: stran6x

Thanks for doing this giveaway! =)

Juli Photo Diary said...



Tatiana Marie said...

Beso username: tnpc


Sharon said...

Following you on bloglovin and my username on is schmidty.

Anaonheels said...

I loved soooo many things there!!! My username is Anchika!

Hope to win :)))

Che said...

Che_09. Love Beso and your blog!

AnisaJackson said...

beso username: anisaj

Suzanna said... username: suzannabunny
following you on bloglovin'!


Rada Priya said...

think it was a mistake... im trying to save $$$


ivy said...

Name: Ivy Torres
Beso nickname: ivytorres18
best of luck to all of us!

Emma said...

what an amazing giveaway. my username is meemiez :)

etsylover901 said...


thechyrelgomez said...

never really luck with any giveaway but beso username is chyness.

best of luck everyone!

Rachael said...

Hope I win!!

My beso name is rachaeldiab

Kristin said...

awesome giveaway... hasbeens here I come!!


Steff said...

Beso username: spacey_steffi

Folling you on Bloglovin on

Goodluck all!

Nyra said...


Phew! Had to let that out. Following you on Bloglovin

Beso username: Glamnyra

Fingers crossed!

Rachel said...


fashioneggpplant said...

i hope and pray i win this one! :)

followed you on bloglovin
beso username: mseggplant
name: sarah tirona

Fernanda said...

beso username: FerLBadillo

amazing blog :) said...

i am stoked!

user: kaitlyntru

atriptomartina said...

Love the Blu Moon Summer Lovin' Maxi Dress! My user name on Beso is, "ninabeany"!

Canadian Twentysomething said...

I follow you on Bloglovin (Canadian Twentysomething) and I have a Beso account (GMonk). :)

Javeria said...

Already follow you on Bloglovin' and my Beso username is JayS. Great giveaway!

Abby said...

I follow you on Bloglovin'

Besos username: AbbyB. I favourited a whole bunch of stuff, but it is only showing me the first six things.

Bee said...

1. followed Bloglovin
2. Done!
3. lin4823

Thank you for this giveaway!

andrea said...


my username's akang92

love your blog!

Laarni Martin said...

1.) done! :)
2.) done! :)
3.) elneeya

Pia said...

As first: I follow you on Bloglovin'
As second: I've create a ( love that site)
As third: My username = piaB
As fourth: i hope i'll win! (:

Novia Hasna Indrianti said...

Already followed your Bloglovin'!

My Beso username is: novsy

I've favorited 10 items (yes, only 10!), you can check it here!

Violetta E. said...


ccw said...


In love with the new flatforms :)

2bcd9b36-7a24-11e0-87c3-000f20980440 said...

Nice web


Natje_9999 said...

Hi Natalie! :)
Wow, this giveaway is simply AMAZING!! Would love to win! :)
I'm following you with Bloglovin and faved 10 pieces, my Beso name is: Natje_9999 (My name is the same as yours, only my name is written like this: Nathalie! ;))

Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :)


cindy said...

so in love with this giveaway!

my username is cindyfeng92

Nicole said...

Im in!!! Beso account name: nicolelikes

I love this giveaway nat!!

Laura Loves Clothes said...

Hi Natalie!

Your giveway is fantastic! I follow u on bloglovin and I created an account on Beso, it's Lauralovesclothes! :)

I hope to win, it would be lovely!
See you !

Lots of love from France,

Bi said...

Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

Account name: oknbsr

be.aoi said...

thank you for this amazing opportunity!

loove the site!

username: be_aoi

Diana said...

i have a long e lovely wishlist:D

name: DianaMarco

marialε said...


username: myfashionbug


Chloeee said...

thanks a bunch!



eimee said...

great giveaway!


Eveline said...

i love it!
my user name is xEve

DanielleDBeauty said...

This is so great!
Beso username: DanielleDBeauty

Dinii said...


great giveaway!♥

Marie-Louise said...

SO exciting!

username: MLMW

Hon Ying said...


Laura said...

Thank you so much for this giveaway! I really love Besos items and i hope that I'll be lucky

My username name at Besos : Lauralexo

Fingers crossed


nicole said...

I follow you on Bloglovin' and "favorited" 10 items on Beso. My "nickname" on Beso is nicolebodd. Thanks for the chance to win! xo.

Strbuck4 said...

hi love your blog. i follow you on bloglovin and my nickname is strbuck4. thanks for the giveaway

Laura said...

ohh this is amazing! Count me in.


Blush and Flats said...

My nickname is Blush&Flats :)

Rebecca said...


:D :D

Linley said...

oh, i really want to win! i favorited 10 items. username: LinleyJ

ADuplessis said...


Rhiannon said...

username: vintagerhi

Faith J. said...

I am following you on BlogLovin...

Beso nickname: FashionKitten

-Zealous Blonde
fashionkitten03 (at)

Raynielle said...

beso username: Raynielle

Wild and Precious said...

beso username: WildandPrecious
follow on bloglovin!

kblair.s.mcleod (at)

thanks for hosting a great giveaway. so glad to find your blog - loving it!

Elyce said...

Beso username: ehackley

Thanks for having a giveaway!

Karissa said...

This is amazing. My beso name is kajosa.

karissa.sauder at gmail dot com

Shellsea said...

awesome giveaway

Beso Name: LoveShellsea

Love, Shellsea Blog

Kimberly said...

Woop woop!!
Exiting :D

Beso name: ordinarymoi


Bre said...


Thanks for this opportunity! :)

mayhesham said...


Samara said...


Adrianna Traxler said...


i love this giveaway!

brandilyn said...

oh, wow! this is SWEET!

i follow you on bloglovin
my beso name is just brandilyn :)

lacy nicol said...

Awesome giveaway!!

I follow you on bloglovin!

My username is: lacynicol

or my email is

sarajane said...


dexez said...

Following you on blogloving :)
the user for beso is dexez
keeping my fingers crossed :D

Carmen Vargas said...

I don't have bloglovin :(

Carmen Vargas

For all the shoes said...

Beso username: foralltheshoes

Love the site for searching shoes!

foralltheshoes @

Ami said...

my beso username: marchelove

followin' you on bloglovin' and favorited 10 items on :)

marche_love at hotmail dot com

Megan Christina said...

username: meganhana

i love your style <3

Jamie said...

thanks for this! my nickname is Jamie Marcoux and my email is

Stefany said...

Stefany Ovalles

love this! :)

foreveramelody said...

Love this!!

Beso UN: foreveramelody

rf said...

WHEW!!! great giveaway :)
username: roryfinn

Jen Beckler said...



Another Day Another Outfit said...

I follow you! My username is schelley16. Thanks for the giveaway!


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