Sunday, September 25, 2011

Threadsence $75 GIVEAWAY!

Take a look at some of my favorite images from the latest Threadsence lookbook! SO dreamy! The clothes and photography make me swooooooon. It really makes me want to fly to the west coast, get back with my friends at Threadsence, and literally start making floral headbands. No joke.

In celebration of the new STUNNING Fall '11 Threadsence lookbook, I'm giving away a $75 gift Threadsence giftcard to one lucky reader!!

To enter this giveaway simply:

1. Comment below with a link to your favorite image from the Threadsence "Castaway" lookbook (don't forget to leave a valid email address)

2. Follow Threadsence on Facebook/Twitter/ Tumblr for instant updates!

3. Like me on Facebook

Good luck everyone!! The giveaway will run until this Friday, the 30th! xx


Olga♥ said...

great pics :)
so inspirering <3

rf said...

SOMY FAVE! love the red top with the leo wedges :)

maria sousa said...

it was hard, but i love this one

I follow Threadsence on Tumblr and I like your page on facebook

Laia said...

I love this:

my e-mail:

thanks! :)

Maria said...

love this one

my email is


Sheyla said...

This is my favorite:

I LOVE this outfit. The turquoise moon lit top is so beautiful. I love how it flows along with the skirt. This look truly calls for Autumn as it makes me think of falling and flowing tree leafs. The perfect Autumn setting.

I follow Threadsence and you on Facebook!

My email:

Becca B said...

I love Castaway look number 7!

Also following on Facebook (Becca Barton), Tumblr (, and Twitter (@becckitt).

Thank you!

ZOE said...

Lovely pictures

*Come over to see Cheap Thrills feature on Intrepid Inspirations*
X Zoe X

Ieva Jankauskaitė said...

Ok, so maybe I'm dumb or something, but I can't to copy the link of the picture that I like:D The picture is the very last one (51), which I like:)

Mary said...



priskillan said...

everything has been thoroughly liked and followed :) haha thanks for the giveaway!

love your blog xx

my favorite image is

& my emails:

Piia said...

Oh, the pictures are amazing!!
I like the two-page picture that features a wonderful sequined top and a burgundy skirt.
I'm following Thradsence on twitter+tumblr.
pounpuu at gmail dot com :)

Femme Virtue said...

my fav look has to be this!

fb name: Michelle Bon Chic

g.ta said...

This has got to be my favorite look from Threadsence "Castaway" lookbook:

Already Follow Threadsence and Like you on Facebook too..=`)

Bani said...

I am in love with the outfit on pages 14-15 in the lookbook... it has a faux leopard fur vest/hoodie

And I love the feather print shirt that you posted!

I liked you on FB too! (Dani Antoinette)

Carla McCarthy said...

Love them all , but my fave is this look
I'm following you as long as i know , like your page and their page as well, plus tweeter!


Julia said...

I absolutely love the layers!


madzia said...

hady93 said...

So, here's my favorite: I love the burgundy top!!
I follow Threadsence on twitter and like you on Fb :)

Kayla said...

Um everything!!! It's all amazing!

Amazing giveaway!

marblava said...

All is amazing!! But... I like look 12

Katherine Statsenko said...

This is so artistically put together!

Thanks Natalie!

Hungry Tigress said...

This lookbook is sooooo beautiful!!! It was so hard to choose one!

Maya said...

Beautiful! It was very difficult to choose just one, but here is my pick:

Maya (

Tess said...

Great give away, I love threadsence! Here's a link to my favorite look:

xoxo Tess

Jasmine Nicole said...

the lookback is amazing...loved all of the amazing accessories. :-)

tessa said...

mmm it was a tough choice.. the feathered top was gorgeous too, but i think i'll pick this one:

liked you and threadsence on FB.

thanks <3

I love my old Levi's said...

I really really really love Trheadsence ! My favorite look is "Castaway 6"
My name on facebook is Alicia Pastor,
Ilovemyoldlevi's on twitter and my e-mail is

Good luck everyone

Alice said...

My email is:
THANKS for this giveaway!!


Sílvia Astride Cardoso said...


Fingers crossed : )
Kisses ***

Ida said...

The whole lookbook is beautiful, but I especially like this one:

I follow you on fb and Threadsence on tumblr.

LA said...


Lisa Ameera

Fashion Dubrovnik said...
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Fashion Dubrovnik said...

Wow, thanks :)
I like this
I follow everywhere except with Tumblr (I don't have it)

Kasia M said...

I love this one - great colors! :D

Following on Twitter ;)

My email:

Oxana Ivanova said...

Favourite look


love this one:


Aida said...

Thanks for the comment! You are gorgeous! Great pictures! =)

I would absolutely LOVE if you'd follow me, I'm gonna follow you! =)

Adrianna Traxler said...

This for sure is a cool unique look! Love the layering aspect and the printed skirt!

Ive been a follower of all!

Lizzie said...

Following them on FB & Twitter, liked you on facebook ages ago :)

Fav. look:

Suchhhh an amazing lookbook!


Dunja said...

Wow, really beautiful photos!
This is my favorite one

Gizem Dalyan said...

oh i am in love with this:

S.H said...
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Sara said...

Its a great lookbook :)

kiss from Portugal,

out of order said...

I love the blue asymmetric skirt with the plaid shirt!

Laru said...

such a fantastic lookbook! It made me swoon too, indeed P:

It's hard to choose from all these beautiful photos ♥

I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I'm need of a prom dress this year and can't stop thinking about it haha

MyFickleFash said...

Love this totally!
It's look refreshing with the teal chiffon top and the detailed floral skirt really match it well! Soft and flowy look, i love it! :D

patrycja2407 said...

wonderful photos, very inspiring!:)

The Fancy Teacup said...

Such an extraordinary and lovely theme. My favorite look is this one:

Thanks for sharing this, girl!

♥, Jamie

Val Fox said...

Here's my favorite! Her hair, the leopard hoodie vest... everything is just perfect.

I follow Threadsence on Twitter.

I liked you on facebook!

Chiara said...

My favourite image is this one:

I really LOVE threadsence!
Fingers crossed!<3

OrigamiGirl said...

I think it has to be this one:

for being most my style. However I love the raft in some of the other shots! Such a great prop and a little funny in the surroundings.

SIMONA said...

I am loving this look :
and I am already following on twitter and FB


Emma G said...

Favorite look:

Already like you and ThreadSence on FB.

Wida said...

This one for sure!


I could only follow Threadsence on FB since I don't have the other things.

Hope I win!

Aleksandra said...

All done :)
My favorite pic :


Laura said...

Here is my fav

Fingers crossed for this giveaway ;)

Xoxo honey

songbird said...

i love look 22-23
I followed threadscene on twitter as @debi_songbird

I like your page as debi_songbird

my email id is

Julie Khuu said...

Love this look!

Been following Threadsence and have liked your page forever and a day babe!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Fátima Payán said...

i just see myself in it :)
did everything


FashionableAwkward said...

Followed them all! It was so hard to choose which outfit I liked the best though! I did see these gorgeous pants and knew I had to have them!
-Katherine @ kathboarman1@gmail.con

Susan said...

I liked you and Threadsence on FB.

M e l a n i e said...

AHhh I love threadsence! Their clothes are all so pretty. I can't decide which one I like most but the second pic you posted is def. one of my favorites.

Liked you and Threadsence as Melanie P!

Anna said...
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Megan said...

I'm loving those mustard colored cords!


Giulia said...

My fav is this one!!

Giulia Cipollina

6-8pm said...

Thx so much for that :

:) xx

antonia said...

great shots!!!!!
very inspirering!!!


SofKirke said...


Clara Turbay said...

I like all of these pictures!

Pia said...

Cool online shop!
I really like this picture:
Hope i'll winn that cheque!!

Tonya said...

Ahhh Im now obsessed with this lookbook! I love everything in it, very modern bohemian...right up my alley. I love the look on page 17, the oversized sweater looks great over the lace..perfect for fall!

Tonya is my name, is my email :)
Following on all three and already have liked you on fb!

waresari said...


Lydia said...

I love all of them but my absolute favorite image is

what a great lookbook!

Luisa T. said...

I loved this lookbook, my favourite was this one:

my email:

Sandi said...

This image makes me want to go on an adventure!
Like Threadsence and you on FB.


Love Simone said...

How darling is the newspaper crown image? I adore the simplicity and easiness of the look, perfect for the looming chilly weather!

Hien♥ said...

It was hard to choose from all the different styles, buttttt.. this one is my favorite:

Unknown said...
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Ourtney said...
Love her leopard wedges and the little raft in the background!
Liked you and Threadsence on facebook :)

Jackie said...

What an awesome giveaway!

Fav image

Liked your page and Threadscene on fb and following them on twitter! <3

Goodluck everyone :)


dani said...'s a hard choice:D.. but my favourite is castaway 6!!
what an awesome giveaway!

va said...
liked threadsense / ana amanti
liked natalie suarez / ana amanti

tumblemumbo at

Cadie said...

i love the beanie and polka dot combo (though the whole lookbook is beautiful!)


Dressing in the Dark said...
love love love this one plus basically every outfit you've ever posted...
my email's

Ashley said...
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clementine* said...

holy crap ilove the boat on the la river!! and those knee boots in pages 26-27 are my favorite!! i think i might be a little too excited? nah


cabeebee said...

I <3 this look, especially for Fall days ahead.

Sheer printed kimono style top, layered over a basic loose fit tee and black leggings paired with black booties, a floppy hat and chunky necklaces and rings.

<3 Threadsence

Nicole C.

Ashley said...

so beautiful and inspiring!

Nikac said...

It was hard but this is the best one:

everything done,great blog and giveaway :))


iheartnantucket said...


xoxoxlittlej said...

Khadija said...

elanor, said...

i just adore the image and outfit in this image so pretty!

followed threadsence on tumblr! & liked you on facebook. :)

xx elanor

desaria said...

my fav lookbook is

My Cup of Lemon Drop said...

Love this outfit!

followed all instructions =]


Erica said...

This is my favorite look :

Love the mix

-Erica Bull

Cath said...

I in love with this dress :)


bluevogue said...

i love love love this look <3
A nice transition from summer to fall...

email: xx.rikki (at)

Ahu said...

This is my favorite look

mail :

Camille said...


lidka92 said...

maggie said...

those pictures are amazing! the lighting makes it look so ethereal~

My FB name is Maggie Pa, and is my favorite look~
My email is:

xx maggie

María said...

Oh! How I love this look

Followed all the steps. I hope I get lucky =)


Sophie Loloi said...

these photos are so stunning!


carol-ine said...

I love page 8 where she is wearing the loose top and loose, flowy skirt dragging the little wooden boat.

helloambition at gmail

Victoria said...

Following on twitter and facebook!

Love your blog and love this one:


<3, V

Kate said...

My favorite image from the new lookbook is this one:

Love it!

I follow you both on facebook and twitter!


AliSkye said...

absolutely love the entire lookbook, the pictures are so inspiring! my favorite would have to be

my e-mail is and i am following threadsence on twitter facebook and tumblr, and you on facebook as well :)

i have never bought something from threadsence but i covet their entire website, would love to win this giveaway <3

cathy. said...

Love this one:

The shirt is such a perfect teal and just floaty and sheer enough.

Followed and liked everything :)


charity @ c'est la belle vie said...

I love the lighting and the fluidity of it!

Kelly said...

I particularly liked this look:

...or rather, both of these looks.

Here in California, the outfit on the left has got to be one of my quintessential autumn looks.

- Kelly

The Fam said...


shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

shannon said...

This is beautiful, especially those boots!

Followed/liked everything!

etsylover901 said...

I love all their looks, and already like both of ya'll on facebook. :) Keeping my fingers crossed, and I like this look the best from the castaway collection.

when BABI speaks said...

lovely inspirations! very ethereal!


Kaity said...

Seriously so impossible to chose, this is by far one of my favorite lookbooks in a really long time! I want all of these images blown up in my house.

If I absolutely had to chose Id have to go with the very last picture.. (

The light is so stunning and the look gets me so excited for fall knits.



kAry said...

I looooove the floral headband! is charming, also all the green clothes!


ohmiamy said...

Hey Natalie. Thanks for this opportunity!

It is difficult to pick just one favorite, but I do love this look:

The colors, fabrics, and cuts are to die for. I am absolutely in love with the unique details: the uneven hem of the skirt, the cutouts in the back of the blouse. This outfit screams effortless beauty.

Threadsence can do no wrong! I love everything about them:


Julieta said...

This was my favorite ♥


AG said...

i love the coziness of the flannel and the femininity of the high-low skit. and my favorite accessory this fall...that chic floppy hat!

vharjadi said...

i love this one:

susurrus said...

I'm in Love :)


cronicasdemiarmario said...

Great pics!!!

SAUCY | f. | BABY said...

Hi Natalie!

--- I absolutely adore this image with the red pleated skirt & leopard wedges.

--- I'm currently a Facebook fan of Threadsence under: Nicole Ordonez | Twitter follower under: @saucyfbaby & Tumblr follower under: saucyfbaby

--- I'm also a current Facebook fan of yours under: Nicole Ordonez


Thank you SO much for the chance! :)

--- Nicole

Eva said...

Love the 2nd look. the red top, the dot dress and the leopard booties

disco in moscow said...

it was very hard to choose, but im absolutely in love with the outfits on pages 2-3 in their lookbook.

my email -
my twitter - @jollypen

crossing my fingers now! xoxo

Chloeee said...

Number 6 &7 has to be my favorite.
Chloe H

MargieF said...

these are gorgeous photos, i love the casual feel of all this knitwear...i need to get me some for the cold weather

Milka said...

Really hard to choose but my favorite is the last look, it's just so comfy and cozy.
I follow ThreadSense on facebook and twitter.


Angela Leberte said...


Amanda said...

They're all so great! But if I had to choose one it would be the 'castaway 1' look.

Valeria said...

I looove the pic number 11!

MiLulu said...

I love this one:
I follow Threadsence and you on Facebook: Olesia Flegka
Twitter: @LuluFleg

Rocket Fashionista said...

Love the collection!!!
One of my favourite pieces must be the Feather Fringe Necklace!
The feathers kind of remind me of a dreamcatcher, and the necklace gives any outfit the tribal look!

Good luck everyone!!


Belle de Couture said...

Love this lookbook! :)

My fave image is:

::fingers crossed::

Jennifer Rand

Belle de Couture said...

I am following Threadsence on Twitter and FB! :)

Jennifer Rand

Belle de Couture said...

I already like you on fb! :)

Jennifer Rand

Jade Briony said...

I wish i was the photographer who took these amazing images!!!

Angela said...

my favorite pic by far...romantic

Alex said...

This is perfect sweater for this winter...:)

Ariana Davis-Tewksbury said...

Look #14:

I love the layered look for fall with simple black and white polka dots.

I liked/followed you and threadsence on facebook + twitter.


Miglė said...

Fantastic lookbook :)
And awesone giveaway :)

My favourite look is #30:

Eugenia said...

All of the photos were great!!

My favourite is #4


fashion bit me. said...

look 3
did everything! (:
email: fashionbitme(@)

Debora said...

Followed all the rules :)
my fav pic is the third one !

I follow the site via twitter (I'm glamlivefun) and I follow your blog in fb as well !

e-mail :


kassie said...

name: Kassie

I am in love with look 12. There is something so beautiful about the combination of the patterns and textures of each piece that creates a cohesion unlike any other outfit. I really hope I win! I've been dying to own some threadscence in my wardrobe!

Cindy said...

The first picture you posted is definitely my favorite!


Stephanie said...

Amazing lookbook!

My favorite item is:

I follow Threadsence on Facebook and Twitter! And you on facebook of course!

effortlesscool said...

looove the sequin top and burgundy skirt look! burgundy is such a perfect color for the upcoming seasons!

XO Sahra

Tori said...

I love this photo:
and I like both you and Threadsence on facebook. Threadsence has such cute clothing!:)

Queenie said...

I love look's perfectly bohemian chic!

Jessica C. said...

love look # 13! SEQUINS! yes love it with the fringe, great texture combination.

jessicagrace {@}

Sarah said...

I love the look on pg46-47, the sequin top and maroon skirt, so fabulous, love it!!

thesillyshoes said...

I love look #6!

Ms. T said...

This look is my fave!

Lauren said...
love the combination of textures and colors!!

jh said...

vonilicious said...

I love the shot on page 20. The one you posted as well.

vonilicious said...

I follow threadsence on fb, twitter, & tumblr.

I also like you on facebook.

Julie said...

littledance said...

I loooove leopard prints now! I used to think they were too loud when I was 16 but now, I think leopard prints are quite cool at 18! They bring out the wild in you! Hope to win this <3

littledance said...

I loooove leopard prints now! I used to think they were too loud when I was 16 but now, I think leopard prints are quite cool at 18! They bring out the wild in you! Hope to win this <3

PS sorry I forgot to add my email!

Ly said...

Thank you for doing a giveaway!


Favorite look:


chachamisu said...

1.Threadsence "Castaway" lookbook, my fave is
2. I have been following Threadsence on Facebook and Twitter @chachamisu
3. Liked you on Facebook @ Nataya Anindira

Awsome! thankyou

Cassie said...

My favorite look is page 22:

Love the chiffon cardi - so ethereal!! Would love to wear that this fall.

I've followed, liked, tumbled Natalie Off Duty & Threadsence.


I looked through the whole lookbook and it was really hard to pick a favourite but for me it has to be:

(the girl at the left)
because the outfit has a very lovely boho feel to it. And the necklaces were just beautiful!

Ashley said...

My favorite look is on page 47,

mrs.marcus2 at yahoo dot com

Sue said...

I was surprised to see this up here, because I had just discovered them a few weeks ago. This would have to be my favorite picture, i love sheer clothing and the fact that there are peacock feathers on it, is the cherry on top!

Name: Nsude

i'm following you twitter, and had you on facebook and also threadscence

Marianne said...

Such a lovely lookbook c:

lacy nicol said...
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lacy nicol said...

I like the :

I follow them on facebook!
I like you on facebook!

Ami said...

love this image:

the leopard heels are to die for :)

SummerTeeth said...

i love that first image you have up... the black and white with head garland. magical! fingers ohsocrossed. xx

Davina said...

this is my favorite look:

i also follow them on twitter, tumblr, facebook, and 'liked' you on facebook.


great giveaway!

Sammi said...

gimme these shoes:

love it!


Dani Rae said...

comfy yet chic, it is the perfect outfit for a cold night while you lounge around the fireplace ..yet the pop of the leopard print booties make this simple knit pencil skirt and over-sized sweater more than that ... i totally dig this outfit, and i feel like any girl could pull this off!

thr said...

My favorite image is:
I love the Accessories!
My email is:

Violeta said...

Love this look :

Those pants are amazing

anguillian said...

This is a gret lookbook; I amtually love this Look. I think I'm going to get it.

Great Giveaway

Anguillian Paperdoll

Lisa Pisa said...


LOVE this entire look--floppy hat, flowy blouse, slinky&drapey dress with a bit of color, paired with chunky platforms and a statement necklace...the proportions and textures are on point!


Lisa Pisa said...

oh and

2) i am following Threadsence on Facebook

3) i like you on Facebook


Hannah Avery said...

Couldn't figure out how to get the exact link I wanted. I like page 4-5 of the look book.

hannahavery85 at yahoo dot com

Mishka90 said...

You didn't metion if it's open for people who live in others country, but anyway i Will try.
My favourite image is
It perfectly defines my style and i´ve fallen in love with the shoes since the moment i first saw them.
I already like you both on facebook.
My contact email is

I love your blog by the way, im a passive reader: i read it everytime you post but i never leave comments cause my english sucks hahhahaha


Angela said...
This is my favourite image from the lookbook! I love the style! it's something that i would wear and i am totally dying for the Rebecca Minkoff Blouse!!!! So pretty and gorgeous!

I already like you on fb and like Threadsence on fb too

Tiara said...

Great giveaway... love these images!


Joyce said...

Love this look!

Senta said...

In love with this look:
The pictures are amazing!

Kristel Louisa said...

I completely adore Castaway 3!
The color of the blouse mixed with the tribal printed skirt really create a perfect combination! Totally love the expression of the model, she looks sophisticated in this bohemian figure. Perfect look.

Like you on facebook!

en la moda

jess_22 said...

The perfect look to get between seasons (especially in unpredictable Canberra). Stunning classic look with a modern twist. This was the stand out of the look book for me.


Theonlyfashionprincess said...



Unknown said...

My fave look is on pages 12-13 - the gorgeous teal lace cut-out blouse (my favorite color of the season!) with the asymmetrical tribal skirt - so sheer and flowy and beautiful!

Love everything though to be honest!

anny said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I loveeeeee 30-31. It just looks so comfy, "messy" but put-together at the same time.

Good luck everyone!

Marke said...

awesome giveaway!