Sunday, March 25, 2012

DISCO PONY Giveaway: Happy Birthday to the "Natalie" Dress!

(Wearing the Disco Pony "Natalie" dress and blouse from Barcelona to NYC!)

Can you believe it's been exactly a year since the birth of the beautiful Disco Pony "Natalie" dress?! You probably remember my Barcelona adventures, gallivanting around Spain with my very good friend, Zoey Bittleston, the designer and creator of Disco Pony! This little backless, gold dress always brings back wonderful memories of Europe. It's just one of those pieces I'll keep in my wardrobe forever and ever. Having Zoey label me as her muse makes me blush, and I love the girl to death. It's been a YEAR since I've seen her, but we talk almost every single week, making our friendship even stronger. Thank you technology!

To celebrate the birthday of the Disco Pony, "Natalie" dress, I am giving one lucky reader a custom-made dress AND the blouse version!!

To enter simply:

1. Comment below with your most CREATIVE reason to win these gorgeous pieces (time to get fun and silly!) Leave a valid email address and preferred size (S,M,L)

2. Like Disco Pony on Facebook/ Follow the Disco Pony girl on Twitter

Zoey has given me a little inside scoop on the next collections, and they are looking amazing. We even have a killer collab coming up overseas, in a completely different corner of the world, which I cannot wait to tell you about!! Let's just say it's going to be beyond amazing!

GOOD LUCK and Happy Birthday to this glitter beauty! Do the disco :)

Contest runs for a whole month, until April 26st!!

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Page Song said...

The most creative= use lyrics from a song to describe the dress! :) I would say ... "We are young" (by Mika) :)
size: Small

Fully Clothed said...

My life is incomplete. It is lacking a certain pizazz because I do not have those items in my closet. I NEED those items in my closet so that the next time I try and "accidentally" run into Chase Crawford, he'll automatically fall in love with me and we'll get married. This is my number one priority right now.


Jada said...

oh, what a fun dress!
Not entering, but just wanted to say hello!

Angie said...

1. FB: Angela C.
Twitter: @pandaphilia

2. happy birthday to my most drooled-over dress of the year! i would be so honoured to win the Natalie because i've been on the hunt for the perfect gold sequined dress since early winter. but the most practical reason is highlighter stripes and reflector lights are no way to go bike riding fashionably! the way the light reflects off this will bedazzle all drivers and keep them at bay during day and night, so Natalie-wearers can be safe and fashionably fit 24/7. With a preppy long cardigan thrown over it, the Natalie is the studious fashionista's new best friend during the long library hours. the other students will be so distracted by how much of a disco ball goddess you look like, the exam curve will be lowered too ha! jk, we want everyone to do well so we can have a guilt-free fabulous night out all wearing Disco Pony garb. cest la vie college!

email: pandaphilia1 [at] gmail [dot] com
size: S

Ally Munda said...

While I don't suffer from any sort of terminal disease, I do suffer from being terminally without something to wear. I wear a size small.

Great giveaway!

kming said...

I want people to put their sunglasses on when they see me and they'll be forced to replace the disco ball with me dressed in this eye catching dress. =p

size: S

elegant storms said...

i would definitely wear it to a disco and make sure there are lots of crazy lights to light up the dress while i shimmy the night away. also, i would dance barefoot. (: thanks for hosting the giveaway!
elegant_storms at

Lizzie said...

I would wear this amazing creation by the ever-so-sweet Zoey to Disneyland on mine and my hubs 5th year anniversary in May. Everyone would be looking at this dress and not the magical fireworks! Plus, anything else I could wear on our anniversary would pale in comparison to this gem. I need it. :)

I am following Disco on twitter and liked on FB!


Rocket Fashionista said...

I live in a really dark world where despair is upon everyone, and I need the sparkles from the dress to make my world brighter! (literally and metaphorically) :P
Happy birthday to this dazzling disco dress!!

Liked on fb - Davian Fung


monkeyshines ♥ said...

stunning dress!


Ami said...

LOVE this dress!!!

reason to win these pieces.. i'm a singer-songwriter.. and though not the "diva" kind, it would be fun to wear something like this and feel like one, some time haha. Whatever I can do to get more listeners :)

D. said...

As someone who's really petite, pale and too shy to approach anyone, I definitely could use these pieces to feel more confident and be noticed in my dark and lonely evenings ha.
Size: S

Brandi, The Beatniq said...

I need this dress because I'm like a crow and I love shiny things. / s. M

Ash said...

the most creative way i can come up with for desiring/wanting/making sure i win these fabulous pieces is by challenging you to a duel...

...a drawing duel...

... draw something, homie! haha find me and i will draw you the meanest, scariest, most awesomest stick figure drawing of lady gaga...
size small

Natalie Garza said...

Both these items are gorgeous! Well, of course, I want them because we share the same name. I'm such a huge fan of sequins and totally would wear them out to a show here in Austin.

claudia said...

I would wear it out dancing:)
Size s

giakaylee29 said...

maybe not the most creative... probably the most selfish hahaha

i absolutely love standing out. i love wearing colors when my friends don't, doing extreme makeup when everyone is doing the natural look, and getting creative with my hair~ both the top and the dress would def stand out!! shoot i wonder if i can wear it to events that are so not about me HAHA ;]

giakaylee29 AT gmail DOT com
size small

Prexus Deligente said...

This sparkling and glittery dress/ top will make anyone shine. Shine means to standout, to show off your personality and to become a head turner. The dress/ top represents a fusion of flirty and sophisticated lady who tries to be silly while having fun. I will definitely rock this dress/ top and I think it's time to be different. :)

size: L

Sabrina said...

oh, no reason, only I am in fact, THE Disco :) seriously, I live and breathe disco, I boogie my way through the otherwise mundane everyday snoozefest, I do the hustle not because it's a routine but it's just the way I roll! Without disco, I am nothing. Well, almost nothing, because I am THE Disco without the perfect Disco Pony dress :'(

Haha! Thanks for the opportunity, the dress is perfect on you, Natalie! Love your style as always <3

Disco love all the way from Malaysia! If you're coming here again, hey let's go to the beach! Rawa Island, baby :); size M; liked & followed! xx

futbuha said...

Happy birthday to your dress design! It must be very exciting to be the inspiration behind something so creative and fun!
I'd love to be the one that gets this dress because I live in a Eastern European country and style sense here is almost non-existent. The shops sell horrible,kitch items that have no personality whatsoever, except maybe the fact they make you look like a circus clown on crack. Pointless to say, I don't buy any of these clothes and I try to make my own.I have no chance in hell to replicate this style staple you are giving away, so that's why I'd like to win it.
My e-mail is, followed on Facebook as Diana Costache and on Twitter as Diana(@ futbuha). Oh, and I wear the size M.

Social Emissions said...

This blouse is so fab! Anything that is sequinned and backless is always uber sexy.

You rodck this look so well Natalie.


fashiongossipmk said...

I looove this dress!! I love it's naked back and that it's glittery :) I've wanted a dress like this since I was a kid, I think! Actually, last year I wanted to buy a similar material and make my mum sew me one, but it was tooo expensive :( The reason why I want this dress is cause it's beyond beautiful and I have 4 weddings to attend in next few months and I'm already pulling my hair cause I wanna look pretty and I don't have enough ideas for all of them...I'm not joking, it's for real :) I bet I would look amazing in this beauty :)) And I never won me I could be lucky, too :))
So, pleeeease send ME this dress! :D
My size is M.
My email is

Michaela said...

Congrats for the birthday for your dress!! How amazing to be someone's muse for something so beautiful!

Winning would allow me to explore things differently. That blouse demands attention. Since a teenager I've tried to shy away from the limelight, becoming increasingly recluse and drowning in my mental illnesses. I'm a completely different person now, and have come out of this as a stronger person. Fashion has been a part of my recovery. Wearing such an amazing, demanding piece would allow me to explore myself and the attention it would bring. It would inspire me to see and further appreciate the grand beauty that is life.

I think that a sequinned, backless blouse is able to light up everyone's world!

Congrats once again! And I'm following you on twitter! - I'm @michaelaarghh
size - small

Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...

Congratulation on the one year anniversary for the Natalie's dress. I always dreamt to own such sparkly clothing.

I am following Disco Pony on Facebook and Twitter.

My creative reason is a version of an Elvis Costello song (Pony Street) - rewritten for the contest:

"She lives on Disco Pony Girl Street
And they should scatter flowers at her feet
But when they come calling I think it's appalling
They're sober and they're polite
They're deeply respectful when I would expect them
To keep her out all night
In the lovely Natalie’s dress
Will get her own way yet
If you need instruction in mindless destruction
I'll show you a thing or two
You used to adore me but now my life flashes before me
For you to view"

It would be great to win also because tomorrow (26th) is my birthday. :-)

Nathalie S. Roths

Size small for the clothing items. Thanks!

Lauren Hargrove said...

I would love to wear this dress!!! My boobs are perky and would totally work with a backless dress - haha :)

Congrats on all your pieces - I also love all of the Volcom pieces I have seen you wear.
Size: S

Saffronlaughing said...

If I won this dress, I could disco my way to ponyland, Where all the other ponies are also made from sequins~ BOOYA!
size S

Annika said...

wow!! what a fun dress!
i'd probably wear it everywhere! i'd probably end up trying to wear it to school, where we have a uniform, and get yelled at. but it'd be completely worth it. a silent protest and i'd look chic :)
size: medium or large

Kelly Love said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the cutest dress ever!!!

I love this dress definitely needs to be on an iridescent girl living in sunny black world.

Yes thank god fir technology!!!!

Kelly Love

Jaeger said...

Because free stuff is the best! :D


roadluna said...

This is the year I must party like a rock star in those golden disco pony pieces because I have finally defeated my overeating habit, worked out, and lost 10 pounds!! :) I feel like I could dance feeling awesome barcelona vibe wearing those disco fever fantasticas XD
preferred size: M

MaryAlice said...

I think I should win this dress because I am a disco queen.
Whether I am rocking out at the roller disco, getting my sweat on with some Richard Simmons "disco sweat", or breaking it down to some groovy beats like I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor, I'm always feeling the funk.
And DiscoPony is tailor made for a disco diva, like me. Can ya' dig it?

I can just see myself taking a stroll in that glam dress looking as good as Tina Turner herself. Turning heads every which way while I take it to the max in my fab Disco Pony outfits.

So I think I should win this dress. That way I can get my boogie on in ace disco style. <3

You can catch me on the flip side at this E-mail Address:
I'm a size small (dress size 0-1)

Looking forward to blazin' in my groovy Show Pony outfits.

Much love,

sherri said...

I think everyday should be a disco.

I've always dreamed of a sequins wardrobe and this would make my dreams come true!

happy birthday disco pony natalie dress.

ps. I liked disco pony of fb :)

size: M

Kate said...

I love this dress so much. I have an art show coming up and I want to stand out! And be an artist that my visitors won't forget. I'd love to walk around in this amazing dress! I love this so much.
It's beautiful.


I follow them on facebook and twitter!

Isabel said...

This dress is absolutely beautiful and, not going to lie, I'm sure it would be happy to walk the red carpet to Senior prom accompanied by some banging high heels and a petite young lady, eh? I know I'd be honored. ;)
size: S

Bad Joan said...

That first picture is GORGEOUS!


vasaki said...

amazing dress!!!!i love it!!!!
so it!
Vasia Giannakoulia (facebook name)
vasia_gr (twitter account)

Sabrina T. said...

OMG is beautiful!!

all done!

Patchwork à Porter

Whipped Violet said...

Hi Natalie:

First of all, I’d like to say that you have been my idol since the day I discovered the wonders of the internet, and I think you have the best style ever. I’ve always been in awe of the way you can look so warm and gorgeous in winter. I wouldn’t deserve to wear something as fabulous as that so it wouldn’t be for any large social event, but I think it’s the best costume ever for a musical part. Down under, in Sydney, Australia there’s going to be a Latin musical production of Cupid and Psyche, and I’m auditioning for the part of a Dragon. This dazzling dress will no doubt enhance my formidable appearance and I would love to have this dress. Unfortunately I don’t have a Facebook, but I have followed Disco Pony girl on Twitter under the username: Seitai. I wish you all the best in your future travels, and I hope you won’t ever neglect this blog because I’ll be waiting for your posts each week.



Between Heels said...

Porque me quedé con ganas de el vestido, creo que es precioso para la noche, su matrial y su corte te hace sentirte como una auntentica diva.
Mezcla la moda y la belleza en un vestido o en este caso una blusa.
Simplemente lo quiero en mi armario. Me encanta

Between Heels said...

Mi size is S, tanks!

Ana said...
OMG this dress is so beautyful i would defenitly wear it on my graduation party, and blouse is amazing too it would be great to wear it with some high waisted black shorts and some coloured pumps!<33
Size: M

Mrunmayee said...

I need to convert my house into a party pad! what better way to do that with all those Disco vibe sparkles, I won't need a disco ball.

Piia Põdersalu said...

Because I'm living my life like it's golden!Love the dress!

Wei's said...

I would wear the Disco Pony "Natalie" dress and dance to the streets of Kuala Lumpur facing the Twin Towers with my closest friends and just let loose!

Preferably size small

lucia m said...

wow! great dress!

garde said...

this post is incredible.
size m .

Nikoline said...

Beautiful dress and the shirt, no other reason. I need some "glitter" in my life ;)
Size S


Mia said...

i should win, because you need someone to represent your dress in finland!

mialavanti [at] gmail [dot] com
size S

SoapyMermaid said...

I just took much pleasure in reading everyone's answers. what a good idea you had to suggest such a creative giveaway ;) As for me, I live in (how to say it?) the deepest truly authentic part of France (aka in the central area of the country) and there I work at Macdonalds. If I was lucky enough to win this (gorgeous) dress, I would simply exchange my Mcdo uniform for it. And burgers would have never been served with so much grandness. ;)

(size M) (I am Firmine Laine Lirel on FB)

SoapyMermaid said...

oops! valid email : :)

Charlotte Wang said...

Living in Singapore, it's always hot, hot, HOT! If I could where something as bling bling as this it might just reflect all the heat away... or at least I'll feel cool in it! ;)

Size S,

Ivanna said...

It's Time To Dance! Disco fever ;)
size m

Aida said...

The dress is gorgeous!!!
Size L probably

Her Persona said...

love the design of the dress. the top is amazing too

tuanyia said...

if i win this dress, i'll probably wear this beautiful shimmy dress from Disco Pony to an actual disco, and let the dress replaced the disco ball while i'm dancing in style ;) i'm size S btw

Bribes Éparses said...

Beautiful dress <3

Caroline Josephine said...

I want to make unicorns stop and stare when I ride past them on my Disco Pony WEARING Disco Pony!

size S

Lippylash said...

I've pretty much been stalking Zoey for à couple of months now. There was Chinese new years,.. That made it not so easy for her to make/ship things so I waited.. But now THE next problem is I want some ( or all) pièces from THE new collection and I'm saving up so I can buy at least 2 things.. And those 2 things are exacly the ones you are giving away.. But don't worry I have plenty over other stuff I love from Disco pony to fill the "gap" if I would win. This is just the perfect dress. And I've wanted it for so long now and am even dreaming about it ( no kidding here!!)


The Frugal Vegan said...

I want to show younger people that you can still be sexy and desirable when you're over 40 with this dress (not trashy or like a cougar!). Paired with a nice blazer this is the perfect dinner/dancing dress! Same goes for the blouse. *drool*
Size: Small

nyúlja said...

Instead of being creative, I'll just tell you the whole truth about my Disco-Story. I want to be a Disco Pony so much so about a year ago I took an oath: I cannot buy sequin clothes from a usual shop, I'm gonna get the gorgeous sparkly ones (!) from Disco Pony. Until now - basically because of financial reasons - I wasn't able to fulfill my desire. I'm in love with these beautiful dresses (oh, and the Silver Surfer jacket!) almost since their birth. One year is a lot, and yet, my life's still not complete.
I really need some Disco Ponyness in my life, so it'd be much happier and sparklier. I NEED to win this, but I don't think that in "my condition" (:D) funnyness would be the right way - however Disco Pony embodies everything that is GOOD IN LIFE. But this is freakin' serious. My name's written all over that gorgeous dress. (or I'm gone to the local office of government for a name change - I always liked Natalie! :D)

I hope you consider :D



el armario de mamen said...

un blogg genial!!


Nina said...

Wow. These clothes are amazing and really stand out! I think that the dress would complement my red hair. If I got this dress I would be able to gather all the gingers around the world and form a small society called "I think bananas should be formed like stars". Of cause you would be invited Natalie and we would make you a beautiful red wig. Maybe with curls? We would live a warm beautiful place, at a little village close to the beach. I'm thinking about Italy, because I'd always wanted to go there PLUS there are lots of amazing clothes. This sounds so wonderful, but I would never have a chance of this, If I dont wear Discoponys magnificant Natalies dress <3 ! Oh I forgot to tell you, that if I win, I will name my first cat Cat (yes, Cat! ).

Honestly I have never in my life owned such beautiful pieces! I'm 17 years old and from denmark. If I had the money i would definetely buy the clothes, but unfortunetly i dont :(.

Im sorry for any spelling mistakes, I don't speak english fluently :).
Size mediam

Hugs Nina

val said...

This is my dream dress and I would love to wear it to my graduation ball in May :)

Amazing piece of work :)
Size S :)

Femme Virtue said...

i would love to win these pieces because how awesome would it be to win something from the one and only natalie off duty! that would be an amazing privilege! the clothes are so fab!

size: M

fb: Michelle Bon Chic
twitter: @Miss92elle

A said...


Thank you so much for having this amazing giveaway Natalie! I'm secretly dying a little bit inside....

There are so many reasons why I would love to win that dress, both serious and silly. Prepare yourself for a flood of words.

To start with, this dress AND blouse you're giving away could bring my best friend and me closer. One of my closest friends in the world lives on the opposite side of the world from me so if I were luck enough (fingers crossed!) to win the dress and blouse, I would definitely give one of them to her. Whenever we had an opportunity to meet up, we could swap them and have our own little "Sisterhood of the Traveling Glittery Sparkling Natalies"!! I'm still working on the name for our future bestseller :)

Another reason is much simpler. I'm a mermaid. How can I be a mermaid without the requisite sequins?? Exactly what I was wondering...
If I were to win the dress and shirt, I would be able to live the life I was truly meant live. I would be running-err I mean swimming free in the ocean, trailed by gold sequins and broken hearts. Because I'm assuming that these pieces come with the amazing ability to make a person beautiful...The power of sequins :D

Okay. I'm done now. Sorry for that long blahblahblah.

I was already following the Disco Pony Girl on Twitter as @theace_ofhearts and I already liked Disco Pony on Facebook as Alice Lin.

Depending on how the sizing is, I would either wear a medium or a small. Most likely the medium.

My e-mail is, just in case you feel the need to contact me ;)

Best of luck to every single person who enters this giveaway!! :D


P.S. If I win, I will definitely hand write you a letter to thank you! Something like this is too good for just a virtual "thank you"...

Fashion Dubrovnik said...

I need this dress because I want to shine at least ones in my lifetime. Shirt and the dress are so beautiful and I could not find anywhere something beautiful like they are, and now I'm in a stage of my life where all my money goes to goddamn bank on my credit for a apartment so I can't afford myself to order it from you. So everything I can do is to cross my fingers and hope that I have at least a bit luck to win it here.
And yes, happy birthday to Natalie dress :)
Size L

Anne said...

OMG I need this dress for realzzz!!! I'm a very big Nathalie(and Dylana) fan from Holland, (Liked that you where in Amsterdam by the way)and I am graduating soon from college. That is why I neeeeed this dress to wear to my graduating party ;0. So everybody's eyes will pop out when I walk in with this ultimate showstopper.
I already spotted and loved this glittermania piece in the photospread that came along with the interview that you did for 'Just another fashion magazine' from you're blogpost from march 20.That fact that I can win it now is just to perfect.
My emailadress:
Size: M
I already follow Disco Pony girl on Twitter!

x Anne

Una De Tres said...

I study law in university, so not a very fun thing. i'd wear this dress to my lectures and i'd make the room become a party!

Size m

songbird said...

seriously 1 year!wow!it feels like a few months only...
i have loved and drooled over this dress ever since i saw it and the blouse version is stunning! i love having uniquely gorgeous things in my wardrobe to pair up with my wacky sense of make-up..this would be a great addition is my growing collection!!it's difficult to find gorgeous pieces for a US 14/16 this would be a banging thing to win as a very 1st giveaway win for me!i am so down on luck i keep entering but never win ever!
size L

meredith m said...

i have the case of " i want something sparkly-itis" the cure is that beautiful dress.

i think i would be a medium in the dress and a small in the top.

mermont84 at

CherokeeGypsy said...

I could wear it skateboarding so if Shaun White showed up he would ignore my terrible skateboarding skills and just pay attention to the gorgeous dress. :D
I wear a size L and my email is

Love you Natalie <3

meredith m said...

i Like Disco Pony on Facebook/
mermont84 at

Ellia said...

One of the 24 similarities between women and fish: they're both attracted to shiny objects. I'm a fish, hands down, and I want everyone around me to turn into one too!
size medium

TEH said...

The Natalie Dress is absolutely stunning. I love how glam it is without seeming stuffy. It is very elegant but fun.
Honestly, I would probably wear it with my classic frye boots. Add some red lips and a high pony tail for something that is edgy but sexy and fun.
Either out in NYC or to a party, I love wearing sequins to any occasion. Why not? If I go out to have a good time I may as well look fabulous right?

I would also probably wear it under my cap and gown this May at my college graduation, with some shiny black pumps. Receiving a diploma is sequins sounds incredible. Then I would of course wear it out afterwards!

It is such a lovely piece. Thanks Natalie!

mayhesham said...

I love this dress because it's my 21st birthday coming up, and what better way to shine!? (size small)


I should win this dress because because because I am as magnificent and sparkly as she is!

Also when I decide to go skydiving (;p) I can wear it jumping off the plane and soare through the sky like a falling star :)

I prefer a Large

Bianca Tiganas said...

I would wear this dress at a party, being with all my friends, dancing, enjoying life and feeling like all the women should feel everytime: sexy. Also this dress would make feel very confindent. It's amazing how clothes can really change your mood and how it can reveal the beauty of our body.

size M


I have liked the disco pony page on facebook name is Ella garza garzia


Sydney, Not Australia said...

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Sydney. She lived in the cold yet beautiful city of Chicago. She was young and had little money due to the university system sucking it all up. And while she was not rich, she still LOVED clothes. Sydney loved clothes so much that she would save for a whole year to get the hottest Miu Miu bag or those hot Rag & Bone booties that all the bloggers were gushing over. But what Sydney wanted most of all was something to sparkle in. Actually, she wanted the Disco Pony "Natalie" dress and blouse. Desperate to sparkle and feel supa sexy for a night on the town, Sydney begged her mother and father and even her step father to buy her the two pieces. She even made a powerpoint! But the evil adults said "NO! Where is the back to that dress?!" Well, Sydney would not be deterred. So, one day, while reading fashion blogs instead of doing work at her job, she came across a magnificent contest by Natalie, the namesake for her beloved dress. She yelped with excitement and entered the contest with the high hopes of winning both items. I guess we will see if she wins...

Size: L

EJC said...

I would wear this dress because it is my birthday and it is the perfect birthday the name says! Probably end up at a few clubs in Hollywood, maybe get drunk with Elvis and make my way to Spiderman. Who knows?


Erratic Traveller said...

happy birthday, disco dress! I should win because
1) I just got the most amazing Rag & Bone bell bottoms to wear with the top and
2) I think a gold glittery dress would do wonders to convince my fiancé to elope to Vegas with me...I'll wear with biker boots on the back of a motorcycle on my way to the chapel.

Zouk Penne said...

Let's say I would love to have the dress for dancing in it at parties, for sparkling anywhere like cute, pink, fluffy unicorns, for beiing seen by anyone on the sreets, to just look lovely, to stand out from the crowd, for dancing at home while listening to my favourite k-pop songs from the moment and singing as loud as I can, to take it on trips to everywhere, to play dress ups with, to go out for a drink with friends, to make strange music video's with it from some good old disco songs (think earth wind & fire), to get compliments, to make my life better, to have a dress that has the name of a very cool fashion blogger, to distract my cats with the reflections the dress will make when the sunlight hits it, to make some people jealous, to be fashionable, to make my 18th birthday more special (a week and 4 days ago I turned 18, YAY!),... I could go on... but I'm getting a bit ridiculous, so let's stick with these reasons! Thanks again for this awesome give-away!
I guess I would go for a small but I'm not really sure since you're probably wearing a small and I don't really have the same bodytype as you...

claire said...

I used to think that sequins were too ostentatious for me, but now I feel quite differently. Now I see each lustrous disk as a tiny mirror, reflecting a different perspective of the world surrounding us. Rather than just swallow light in darkness with my usual muted clothing, I'd capture light, play with it, let it dance in the creases of the sequins, until it finally bounced back into the open. Instead of hiding in the dark, I could become a part of light's brilliant yet ephemeral rendering of the world.

size small
liked on facebook!

Wren said...

I would love this dress so I could stand in the ocean and let the sun sparkle on the water and on the dress. Wouldn't that be a lovely picture?


bulbulvish said...

Love the look great!!

isabel said...

id love to have this dress cause shiny girls have more fun :)
Isabel Chong

Billy Reuben said...

Beautiful dress
B x

Ms.Fashionista said...

I would LOVEEE to win these pieces because they are both HOT! No matter if you're walking on the street and want to attract attention from cute guys (hehe) or other fashionistas, these pieces are the ones to wear. Not to mention it is such a unique design and a crazy amaze showstopper. I would feel like I was at a 1970s disco party even if I was just making dinner at my house ;)

Following on FB as A Life in the Fashion Lane, Twitter as @FashionLaneBlog. My preferred size is a S.


Valerie Fernandez said...

I would LOVE to have this pieces because they are just so awesome, and they will really help me to get a boyfriend,wich i really need haha!

Jonna Axelsson said...

It's a very beautiful dress! :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

laura said...

thank you loads !

Michelle Lee said...

because I had a birthday this month (at 20th) too :)
love sequins always seriously addicted

steph nelsen said...

summer in the northwest is too slow in making an appearance this year...some shiny sequins would liven up the place! i could wear them steelhead fishing and feel like i was part of the lure (in an awesome way) ; )

Patti said...

Well, since I am 54 years old, I think I really need a little sparkle in my life. Also, a sexy dress or blouse will surely help keep me feeling young! :) I follow you on twitter! Size Medium please.

Irina said...

great look!!!

phoebe.davis2 said...

Fashion, from my everyday outfits to when I dress up to the high-fashion couture in magazines, is (cheese alert) a way for me to express my individuality every day. I adore a pretty sparkle paired with something edgier - I'm no princess. I love something beautiful (a gold sequin dress) paired with something frumpy, maybe ugly; that's usually what I feel like on the inside. I can imagine myself wearing the dress, feeling it, dancing (awkwardly) in it, singing in it, wearing awesome shoes with it, and feeling good. The disco age (think That 70's Show - Jackie Burkhart's style = love) is rockin.

size M phoebe.davis2@gmail

Hannah said...

OH what a beautiful dress! One word describes why i need this dress: prom. I've been looking for over two months to find the perfect dress, but still have had no luck whatsoever! Winning this dress would make my dreams come true and my worries go away! Plus, the fact that it's sequined will make all of my friends swoon over this!

Thanks for this opportunity! I would love to win this in a medium or a large

Emily said...

My reason for wanting to win?

I don't want to go to my high school prom. It's going to be like the seventh level of hell.
I've started telling boys I'm a lesbian so they won't ask me. But, not very many believe I actually am.

If I get asked, my mother will make me go.
If I win this dress, my mother will make me wear it to the prom.

HOWEVER, my school has a dress code, which bans backless dresses. So, I would not be able to actually, physically, GO to prom... just enjoy a fabulous day date, great photos, and a scrumptuous dinner.

So, that is why I should win. Help me help my dignity.

Well, it's time to feed the hamsters.


Trissta said...

First off, I'm a new follower. Second. That dress is beyond yummy. It's like a scrumptious little bon bon that melts in your mouth, but surprises you with a center of unbelievable goodness. And my reason for wanting it? Number 1, it would be the juicy-est thing in my wardrobe that I'm currently transitioning from undergrad college student to grad student/teacher status. It'd be a great way to make a statement that I'm a designer and a posh young lady at the same time. Whew.

Large (because I have quite the rack. ;))


Geraldine said...

Mmmm... I would use this shiny pieces yo go to university. It's my first year and i see everybody dress in a spectacular way and i feel so depressed because i feel like i'm the worst person dressed ever because i'm surrounded by all the people at uni. Well, i think that's one big possibility to use them, yeah, it'd be really weirdo but i like weird way. XOXO, Natalie!

Geraldine, from Argentina:
size L;

Liz said...

I would love to own this piece because my great-grandfather was a tailor when he immigrated to the united states. He made a life out of clothes that allowed him to raise a family, something that ultimately laid ground for my life.

He had impeccable taste and always focused on the cut of a piece of clothing. Clothing is supposed to be one with the body, something that melts into your form and allows you, no matter how stunning the piece is, to be the true piece of art work. The construction of this dress is something he would be proud of, and I'd like to think he'd have a lot to say about it.


April said...


Thanks for the Giveaway!!

gemay said...

Following on FB and Twitter: Morgan Gemay Marks and @morgangemay

First, Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway :) You look downright stunning in the dress - it's a real showstopper! I'm an east coast girl living out west, specifically, in Montana. This is the kind of out-on-the-town dress that I don't own, but would love to! Dresses are my all time favorite pieces of clothing and I would be honored to wear and own such a piece of artwork. Unique, inspiring and whimsical - please let the winner be me! I need some glitter in my life to galavant around town in ;)

danielle p. said...

in a couple of days i'm leaving for my first ever trip to europe. with pieces like these i could make sure europe remembers me :]

size small, my fingers are crossed!!
danielle (@drdpdo)


kitkatbar22 said...

I want to be a highlighter.
I want to beam like the moon.
Size: S please!

Naina said...

Oh Natalie, you create dress-gasms. And if I won tear gods of all sequins, I would give dress-gasms to all of my friends. As sexual and perverted as that sounds, a glittery bomb such as these deserves such a description. So please, allow me the honor of using these Disco Pony items to give the world multiple fashion-gasms. Ok cool.
(I prefer size M because I like my sequins to be loose and slinky, whoop whoop to an accidental hoo-haa exposure...TMI? Never.)

Susie said...

Happy Birthday Natalie Dress! I'd really love to win it! I've always been a little shy, especially about fashion risks. But, this dress would definitely end that. All that gorgeous glitteryness just makes me swoon. Maybe I could get a man, too. :) Thank you so much for the giveaway!
Size: large
Twitter: Randomascanbe

Salwa said...

this dress is so stunning it looks like it was made by unicorns. (and i'd look killer wearing this while riding mine)

I think if I won this i'd wear it everywhere, and if i couldnt be able to, i'd wear it underneath.


Size M

Katy said...

Wow! This dress (and the amazing blouse) would be perfect for me because I have a condition called "fashionitis" that can only be cured by wearing sequins at all times. (Size M, please.)

Thanks for the best giveaway on the internet!!!

katygmorris at gmail dot com

Katy said...

I forgot to say that I also like you on FB as Katy Morris and follow you on Twitter as @katygmorris.


katygmorris at gmail dot com

SIMONA said...

to me the dress is the epitome of amazing party where time stops and I could dance the whole night...
If I won this dress you would probably find me wearing it while eating breakfast, walking my dog, watching tv or riding a bike...just because I am in love with it! :)
FB: Simona Sevcikova
twitter: @SimonaLaroche

KKH said...

This looks great!

- said...

I want to prove that even us short girls (I'm only 5'1) can be models too, and I believe that this may be just the piece to draw the attention needed to prove this!

size: S


Aleksa Marić said...

Sequins in my heart!

madzia said...

beautiful bathroom ;-)

Unknown said...

People always say i have a 'party' outfit style going on..
An arm party, nails party,..
but with this amazing dress i will just BE a party! And the name of this dress is reason 488990037903 i want to have this piece.

I have a size S and i like the FB page & i liked the amazing facebook page.

Tania said...

I would like to wear it for celebrate my eighteenth birthday (i'll be an adult yeyyy at least in Spain)and the end of the exams!

My email is, my size S ;)


sneakyflorie said...

it's gonna be my birthday next month, april 29th. i know it's not a creative reason. i just want that dress. it's perfect for my party. i'll send you pictures, promise! :)
M size

Lulut Marganingtyas said...

I think this Disco Pony "Natalie" dress fits me because I'm a girl with a pony (this is true), but I never went to the disco (this is serious!!!). So, I would love to wear this sparkling dress to go to the disco, or at least to be glittering like a disco ball. and make people to dance :D

Lulut Marganingtyas
Size: S


Danielle Villano said...

Every year, my college hosts a Zombie Prom. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like: a big dance with everyone rocking their best "undead" attire, complete with bloody mouths and ghoulish black eyes! See, it's my last semester coming up here at school, and I'd love to shine so bright at Zombie Prom that it's PAINFUL - but glamorous, too! I think this would make me the hottest zombie to ever strut into a party ;)

Size - Unsure, my bust size is 36 inches? Couldn't find a sizing chart anywhere.
Liked the page on FB as Danielle Villano!


Elisabeth said...

I would love to win so I can be as sparkly as my personality is! Thanks! :)

size: medium

vandango33 at gmail dot com

Elisabeth said...

I also like and follow them!

vandango33 at gmail dot com

Dσmιηιкα said...

I would love to wear this dress! So gorgeous!
Size: M

♥, Dominika

beccat15 said...

Oooh I would definitely wear either of those garments on my upcoming 21st birthday so when I start to get dizzy & walk in circles, I can just say I'm trying to light up the room and get groovy like a disco ball :) Perfect excuse to stumble around, no?

beccat15 said...

I forgot! size medium please!
& liked & following :)

Artminou said...


i really really love this dress would to win!! can wear it for my bands first gig its really beautiful in so many ways can punk it out with leather jacket and some ankle boots!!!!! ohhh love it


nicole said...

The Natalie dress is a showstopper! I would WORK this backless gold dress, shimmy-shaking the night away, shining like a Disco Pony. Thanks for the chance to win. xo.

(preferred size: small)

Just Wondering said...

While most of the time I'm shy and demure dressed all in black, there are days when I need to shine as brightly as the sun. please help me stun the world. =D

size L

zoeeangelaa said...

Turning up in a 'Natalie' dress to my friend Natalie's 21st party. It is a way to outshine her, which seriously is impossible, so I'd only be the second sparkliest person there, but it totally would be a nice change to stand out and dance in gold.

email: zoeeangelaa at hotmail dot com
size: L

Aprille said...

First, Happy Birthday beautiful dress.

Second, at night, I turn into a wood nymph and and wonder around the forest. If someone stumbles into my path I grant them a wish - unfortunately, I am currently camo heavy and not many people have been able to detect me. If I was able to shine like the stars and glisten across the sea more people would receive their woods-wish. In the Disco Pony Natalie dress I would be evolve. Like a holographic Pokemon.

Size: M

tawnya t said...

I just wanna change the world, one sequin at a time!!!

(to loosely quote lady gaga) ; )

size: m

Kat said...

Well, it's simple: I need these sequined garments because I am an author. My little worlds revolve around me, and what better way to appear sun-like than with kick-butt gold sequins? (Don't say neon yellow. That's boring). Gotta show my characters who's boss, you know.

Additionally, wearing either the dress or top would temporarily blind every single person on my college campus and would get classes canceled, so I'd be a hero. I am tall and blonde, and I would stun the heck out of everyone with my pale sparkliness. Really, I would.

I'm a person of few words. Sequins speak for me.

(And gosh darnit, I've been looking everywhere for a knock-your-socks-off gold sequin dress!)

Liked on Facebook. L.

cathy. said...

I can feel it in my bones giving me goosebumps as a not-so-subtle warning of the seemingly inevitable end. I can feel that day approaching, the day where all colour will drain from the world and children will look up at the sky and cry as the vivid blue is stripped to grey. I know what I have to do to. My mission whether I choose to accept it or not, is to locate an incredibly special Disco Pony dress, the one last slice of beauty and life in the barren world and to wear it and dance like I've never danced before (the Macarena is acceptable). Only then can the colour and life return to the world and all be well again. Due to the inevitability of such a horrific occurrence, surely a preemptive measure of having that dress (and blouse) hanging in my wardrobe ASAP would be the most logical step. :)

S -


.Porcelaine. said...

I desperately need that dress and the shit as my job as a disco ball is going to begin soon, and well I want to make a good performance ;)
Love the items!! :)
size S

Megan Christina said...

Congrats on the dress! I recently bought bra stickers (somewhat an embarrassing thing to post) but this would give me an occasion to use my stickers, being a backless dress.

I'm a size small.


NMC said...

Often, or not so often I think to myself...How can I create a wardrobe of sequined glittery outifts? I currently own a blue sequined trench coat, a silver jacket from american apparel, three sequined tanks (one black, one silver and one with an image of a rose), silver leggings, silver sequined running shoes and red sequined skirt. This dress/shirt would make an incredible addition to my sequined and all things shiny obsession! (large please!)

Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie said...

I'd blow Mr. Darcy's mind.

size S

Nina said...

Wow. These clothes are amazing and really stand out! I think that the dress would complement my red hair. If I got this dress I would be able to gather all the gingers around the world and form a small society called "I think bananas should be formed like stars". Of cause you would be invited Natalie and we would make you a beautiful red wig. Maybe with curls? We would live a warm beautiful place, at a little village close to the beach. I'm thinking about Italy, because I'd always wanted to go there PLUS there are lots of amazing clothes. This sounds so wonderful, but I would never have a chance of this, If I dont wear Discoponys magnificant Natalies dress <3 ! Oh I forgot to tell you, that if I win, I will name my first cat Cat (yes, Cat! ). 

Honestly I have never in my life owned such beautiful pieces! I'm 17 years old and from denmark. If I had the money i would definetely buy the clothes, but unfortunetly i dont :(. Right now I have butterflies in my stomach. I know that the chance of someone like me winning, is like not existing. But just the tought of it. Having this pieces, touching the sequins. Wearing it. Im trying to loose 10 kgs, I have the lost 3. I have never really liked my body and always been thinking of what people though of me. The way I behave, my look, clothes. Im not sure what I want say. I wish I was as beautiful as beautiful as you Natalie.

Im sorry for any spelling mistakes, I don't speak english fluently :).
Size medium

Hugs Nina

Piia said...

If disco would ever die , I'd wear that dress to the funeral.

Followed her on twitter (@PiiaO) and I'm a size S.

pounpuu at gmail dot com

amberly said...

I would love to wear this dress for my Vegas wedding that my boyfriend and I are planning on springing on our family someday soon....I adore my back and would love to show it off!!

As for the top, I'd wear it on the plane ride home from our Vegas Wedding :) and then every single anniversary for the rest of my days oxoxo

Following on twitter via @amberlysara

Lindsey Jane said...

I have a thing for guys under 6 ft. Wearing that dress or blouse would make me look like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and those little leprechauns would come a'flocking.

Size S or M (I'm sort of a small medium?)

Any said...

Because it will be our birthday I will be turning 19,on April 27th!So happy birthday for eachother it is the perfect golden dress!

Size S

bednarz90 said...

I would LIVE in this dress. There's never not a reason to wear sequins! I could get up and throw it on on a lazy day and BOOM have the best outfit on the block!

But I also really want the blouse to mix with metallic jeans and accessories. Watch out world!

Size S :]

WearAbouts said...

i am a lacking, lacking girl. You see, I have few sequined items in my closet. Sequins are essential for a girl who loves FUN! and I love fun. And sequins. But i haven't come across the perfect piece...until now. or should i say 2 pieces. the shirt and dress are BREATHTAKING and make me do a DOUBLETAKE. please let these babies be mine...this girl needs a little sequin action in her deprived liffe!!! <3

Sylvia said...

Once upon a time a girl moved back to a city she thought she had left far, far behind. She couldn’t cope with the isolation; so let the internet swallow her- the only place where colour existed in a land of grey gradients.
She stumbled across a blog one day belonging to a fashion blogger, someone with a vision for colour. Within a few weeks of following the blog, the blogger announced her move to Hong Kong- the same dreary place where the girl lived!
With the blogger discovering and hunting for colour, the girl started seeing the city in a new perspective too.

‘The Natalie’ will always remind me of that terrific moment when I was able to leave the past behind and move on. Sounds silly (and like a desperate fake bid to win the competition!), but the Disco Pony label never fails to inspire optimism and remind me to see the sparkles, not expect them to come to me.


mram said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mram said...

I need a little bit of sunshine in my white-gray-black wardrobe, AAA!
This could be a good beginning for my metamorphosis ♥

Aparajita said...

Happy Birthday to your design :D
I love gold, I always have. I'd pick gold over silver any day for the simple reason that the latter makes me look like a cold snow queen. The first is rich and glamorous. And so is your dress/blouse. So, I want them :D

Amber said...

Oh my! Happy birthday to the Natalie dress, it's as lovely as the real Natalie. I would love to wear my Natalie dress on a trip to Hawaii, I'm a surfer girl and love riding the waves but then I also love to dress up and go dancing on the Island. So I'd love to strut my stuff in Maui and tell everyone that I'm wearing a dress named after the super fabulous Natalie Suarez! Thanks SO much for the chance to win. I just had *my* birthday, so me and the Natalie Dress are practically sisters ;)


I follow on Twitter (lipscandycigs) and like on Facebook (Amber H).

Thanks girl!
PS. Size Medium please.

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

. said...

well i think it's obvious that super hero needs a costume and i'm the kind of super hero that likes to be flashy.
i don't really have a code name yet but think of it as having a sequin gold power ranger instead of just the plain yellow's like the yellow power ranger had babies with dragon ball z and super saiyaned into the gold power ranger. sorry that was my geek moment right there...but that's why i need this dress!! to have a super hero outfit for my wild escapades saving the world!!

- stella

Madeleine said...

I think I should win this dress because as of recent years my wardrobe has seemed to take a somewhat chic downfall into a sea of greys, blacks and crisp whites and I think that having such a beautiful gold item in there would shake me out of my stylish rut.

Also, if I do win - I'm planning to book a table at The Box (a well known club in London) and use the powers of the dress to snare Prince Harry. Yes, ambitious as that is, I may just happen if I'm armed with that dress.
size: L

Szappanbubi said...

I would like to be the Real Pretty Sparkling Star in my boyfriend's life :)
and in the night-in the club
or whereever I go just take them on and there'll be LIGHT (some ppl really needs a lil' light in their head :P)

FB: Szabina Luzics
twitter: @szappanbubbi
size: S
porcukorborso at gmail dot com

Keena Li said...

Is there a classier way to ride out the end of the world? Let's hop on the disco pony and make our last moments shine in the dress of our dreams.

size: s

Brenda Brown said...

Well when I'm not gallivanting around being extraordinary, I am dancing. And when I say dancing I mean on a stage, performing. Under the stage name BB Danger with a little troupe called the Heavenly Spies. Put the pieces together, this sequined beauty was meant to be in my life.
size medium

fashion suicides said...

Please, please, let me win ! I fell in love with it the first time I saw it on you in the video!

If I win, I'll name my first born Disco Pony ! What about that ?

+ The 26th is my birthday ! You can check on my blog if you don't believe me !

e-mail: fashionsuicides @
size : s or m

Yilla said...

Would it be super lame if I said I'm a die-hard sequin lover? ... I am lol. When I was younger I would run out into the street with a black sequin dress and platform heels that were 2 sizes too big and pretend I was Britney Spears (I was 10 yrs old that time). If I had that dress and blouse, I'd wear them forever! Perhaps I'll even get shot by Humans of New York with that sparkling sensation!

Oh and I love love your style (but I'm sure you've heard that one before :p)

xoxo yilla.

amanda said...

I completed all that is required!!

Not just a dress to me, it would be my "LBD", my go-to piece when I want everyone to know just how amazing I feel-Natalie can do that and much more.
A piece of art that every girl is hoping to have her very own, but I'd like to think no one more than me.
Tailored and crafted effortlessly so that each sequin sparkles and highlights the beauty of each individual wearing a Natalie piece.
Another trend, the Natalie dress is not, for me Natalie and fashion are synonmous and with that a timeless piece it will be.
Labeled after Zoey’s muse, Natalie Suarez, who exudes the energy of authenticity, and therefore there couldn’t have been a better person chosen.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as other brands strive for Disco Pony’s level of perfection from the flawless draping in the back to high quality of fabric.
Each Natalie dress is unique and different as no two are exactly the same – each with its’ own soul, each given life by Zoey, Disco Pony’s creator.

Amanda Nguyen

amanda said...

I forgot my size is small!!

Amanda Nguyen

Donna said...

I'd pair these with some gorgeous cinderella shoes and some pearl earrings! Size: Small

Donna said...

I followed on FB (Donna R) and twitter @linjumimom

Julie said...

I'd wear it by itself with some silver studs and bracelets. Size: Small

Julie said...

I liked on facebook and twitter (Julie Ru...) @flippingdancer