Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Willie Nelson's HEARTBREAKER BANQUET// Minnetonka Moccassins
Dresses by Free People

I grew up with a super soft spot for moccassins...Minnetonka to be exact. They're like cushions on my feet, and I love them especially when I'm on the road, scruffing around the dusty streets of SXSW in Austin, Texas. Also, I'm proud to own a fresh new pair of the Kate Moss lace-up boot I sported nearly everyday in grade school. 

Anyways, I am so SO excited for the new Minnetonka lookbook to be released, featuring both me and my sister Dylana (whom I'm sure you all know n' lurv!) We shot our looks right here on Willie Nelson's ranch, just an hour outside of Austin, the morning of the HeartBreaker Banquet festival...soaking in that Southern sun and smell of barbeque brisket. His ranch is like an old Western film set. A giant set stage, mini white chapel where we watching all of our favorite intimate shows, and loads of FOOD TRUCKS, booze, and designer stations. It may well have been the hottest place in all of Austin, Texas last week! I of course, spent the majority of my down time under the shaded section of bohemian couches and pillows in a field of grass behind the stage. Complete with glowing chandeliers draping from the trees. 

Packing for SXSW really was easy as pie. I feel I'm always traveling and so now, I'm a master. I had just about every moccassin in the book...brought along the best printed dresses I owned (all Free People and all felt like blankets by the way!) along with a leather hat, 2 pairs of sunglasses, and DENIM and tank tops. Oh, maybe a fringe leather jacket or two. That's really all you need when you're at a festival.  Did I mention that morning cup of Joe? I spent my waking hours seeing endless gig after gig, each giving me the music itch..making me want to just get back to NYC and pick up my Martin guitar. The HeartBreaker Banquet introduced me to new favorites like Clear Plastic must listen to "Come Back On"....along with Elle King and Nikki Lane. Some bands a little country, a little blues, and A WHOLE LOT of rock n' roll. Willie Nelson knows how to throw a party now doesn't he?

I'm still daydreaming of TEXAS. I kind of like those sleepless nights, crashing in your hotel room at 4 in the morning, and still managing to wake up for hotel breakfast. We sure do clean up well. 

Stay tuned as our MINNETONKA Moccassins lookbook comes out SOON!

(Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply fringe suede jacket and coin necklace, True Religion jeans, Stylestalker sweater, Original Penguine sunglasses, Minnetonka two-button boots)

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Milex said...

So cool.

Natali said...

Shooting at Willie Nelson's ranch!? SICK!!! You're such a lucky gal! Wonderful photos!

Lady Vintage said...

wow so nice !!

Mira said...

The lookbook is fabulous. Love it :D

xx Mira

Sasa Zoe said...

Looking fantastic as always<3

New on

monkeyshines ♥ said...

wonderful capture!

searchingforrose said...

Your photos and outfits are beautiful! :)

Beauty in His Name

moustachic said...

such a freakin perfect location for minnetonka!


Camille said...

Such a gorgeous place

street art _life style_ fashion and co. said...

Great :)

Mei Fleming said...

Gorgeous post. Fabulous pictures! It's Bohemian, I love this fringed jacket!



Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

Love all the gorgeous floral prints you girls are sporting. Looks very spring and Coachella appropriate! My favourites are the socks! <3

Fashion Musings Diary said...

Cool boots! Must dig out mine asap!

deadlyinlove said...

Gorgeous pics. That jacket is so so awesome and beyond<3

Nikki Williams said...

you look amazing!! love those patterned jeans!


Juliette Laura said...

These photos are stunning. Obsessed w your outfit in the last set.

Olga Kryukova said...

A-mazingly bohemian campaign, loving it so much!
I wouldn't mind if my shoes section of the wardrobe will consist of Minnetonka, only. <3

Olya from TLV Birdie Blog
TLV Birdie Blog

Olga Kryukova said...
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Olga Kryukova said...
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Rougeuse said...

Such romantic photos! x

Abigail ~ said...

What WONDERFUL photos, Natalie!
I love the western boho feel to these. Exactly how i want this spring/summer to be. You always dress perfectly for the occasion, in a beautiful place, and I LOVE WILLIE NELSON!!!!!


Marta said...

Wonderful photos! Inspiring post!

Kelly Stroh said...

Amazing photos Natalia! So rustic; I love it!


Rossana Suarez said...

love it and you looked lovely as usual.

Seeking Style said...

Love everything about this post!

xo Jennifer

Lara Tura said...

Awesome photos! Great outfit at the end :)


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Steffi Santa said...

Amazing post as always. I enjoy every post you wrote!! :D

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Amazing photos as always. Love your jacket. xx

Kacie Cone said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like an awesome time!

Liezel Esquire (FASHIOLIEZTA) said...

Love it! Minnetonkas are the best x

REDvalentinas said...

Great place and great pictures! <3

Evi said...

You look amazing! Great photos!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

Lita said...

Love this boho post! The photos are amazing and I adore Minnetonka boots!!!

Sparrow Lyn said...

What an awesome Ranch....the chandelier from the tree, the couches in the yard.......I could hang out here all day and night. Great lookbook from the two sisters I can't get enough of. Thanks for sharing Natalie. Kindly Lynda

VioletDaffodils said...

Wow! such amazing photos and I love your outfit too :D

shayla. said...

loooove these shots!

Panty Buns said...

I love the combination of colourful print skirts and over the knee socks in the first photo. The print patterns on the pillows and on your outfits are fabulous. I love your Penguine sunnies too. It looks like it was a great party!

Cheyenne said...

I absolutely love these shoes, they're so comfy :)

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