Thursday, June 12, 2014

L’Oréal Paris Féria Coloured Ombré

L’Oréal Paris Féria Coloured Ombré campaign video

Remember London Fashion Week?! And that extra fire-y RED ombre? I'd just shot with L’Oréal Paris for their new Féria Coloured Ombré collection in NYC before jetsetting to rock n' roll London with my brand new DO. Over the years, my hair has gone from extra long and sunkissed hair in California, to my new home of NYC, where I got chopped into more of a rocker layered cut and much, much darker. I wanted to go with something extra bold come fashion week. The Féria Coloured Ombré kit is SO easy to use. I love how it instantly brightens my look. I paired it with loads of dark blue, and black on the streets of Shoreditch. It's funny how your style changes with your hair. Immediately, I was leaning toward leather jackets, maxi dresses, and a thick winged liner.

See how it's all done in my L’Oréal Paris Féria Coloured Ombré video!

Featuring my own original song, No Secrets

// VEDA x Pamela Love leather jacket and Ax + Apple necklace //

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Rosa Pel said...

lovely hair

Julia in Disguise said...

This hair colour is so beaut! I'd love to attempt to do mine like this x
Julia in Disguise

Sasa Zoe said...

Awesome, babe! I love it:)


Loved the video!

pursefixation said...

Awesome video Natalie!Beautiful hair!Love it!
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Liezel Esquire (FASHIOLIEZTA) said...

Love the hair colour! Gorgeous hun x

Denisa said...

Nice hair.

Mei Fleming said...

MOST fabulous ombre hair!!! LOVE it.

Randi Zimman said...

Love the red ombre on you. It really turned out a beautiful color! And cool song! Hope we can expect more music from you!
Xo, Randi

Nikki Williams said...

such a fun color!! i feel like you could pull off anything!!


Jeanne said...

You look amazing!

Yuka said...

the color is gorgeous!

Avanti Garde said...

Your hair looks so beautiful like that! Love the way you have a unique Ombre shade.


Lauren S said...

your hair looks amazing, i'd love to suit that colour :)
Lauren x
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brittanny said...

Cute color for you!

Rossana Suarez said...

OMG you sung in the video too i cant believe you have such great talent and no super model can match you not a bit, you have everything , beauty, brains, voice and goes on and on SUPER !!!

Camille said...

Such a great video

Rossana Suarez said...

amazing you so beautiful