Saturday, July 19, 2014

@OurTrueRoots are #TIGERNUTS! Organic Gemini

Okay, so I've found a new ON THE GO, OFF DUTY drink that I love. It's the @OurTrueRoots Organic Gemini #TigerNutHorchata. MMmm, my favorite. I discovered this badboy in the fridge at Whole Foods, and became obsessed. I grew up with horchata, but this one is 100x more healthy. And completely vegan (perfect for anyone). My personal favorite is the CHAI Tigernut Horchata, because I love a little spice. But first, WHAT IS A TIGERNUT? I honestly had no idea before either. I just saw horchata, and went for it!! But then, I met the founder at their Brooklyn facility, and he told me all about it and their super special ingrediants.

TIGERNUTS are actually not a nut, but a vegetable. A root! It's one of the first nutrient-rich crops since humans existed...over 2 million years ago! Somehow, we forgot our true roots...which are Tiger Nuts, and now, Organic Gemini is bringing our original source of food back in a big way. Tigernuts are the #1 food source for a type of fiber called Resistance Starch (it's a PREbiotic). Tigernuts fuel our probiotics and give us a strong immune system and prevent against disease. AKA, it's supperrr good for you.

Next to the drinks which I love, I also stock up on the Tigernut flour, and actual raw organic Tigernuts for cooking. 

Here, I made some ultra delicious Banana Tigernut Cinnamon COOKIES

What you need:

1 bag of Tigernut Flour 
1 bag of  raw organic Tigernuts
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
2 bananas (mashed)
Dash of vanilla extract
1 cup of Agave Nectar 

1. Mash up your bananas and add in the Tigernut FLOUR. Mix it up!

2. Sprinke on your cinnamon and give it a whirl! 

3. Add in your raw organic Tigernuts! I prefer to leave them whole. They have the texture of coconut bits...or you can blend them into little chips. 

4. Throw everything into a larger bowl. Put in 1 cup of Agave Nectar for purely natural sweetness! And also a teaspoon of Sea Salt.

5. Grease your pan with a tiny bit of coconut oil, spread out your cookies, and BAKE for 15-20 minutes!

Enjoy my newest obsession @OurTrueRoots #TigerNuts here at Organic Gemini.

Find more recipes on @OurTrueRoots Pinterest!

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Natali said...

I'm not really into these kind of drinks. I always need to make my drinks myself or then see that the waiter is freshly squeezing juice for me, but anything bottled doesn't work for me.
However, this dress is so beautiful and you def. knew how to style it to perfection!

Shes Born Free said...

The cookies look delicious! I'm going to have to try this! Also love the crochet dress, its so perfect for summer xx

k come karolina said...

you look great!

xoxo from rome

Avanti Garde said...

That looks delicious and healthy. Need to try it out sometime.

xxx said...

Looks great! Love your dress!

Liz Lauren said...

looks so good! you have to come to LA and try pressed juicery

Laura Mitbrodt said...

This looks yummy! I want to try that drink.

Camille said...


Con1solovistazo said...

This cookies look yummy :D
We love your look. The dress is fantastic!


Cheyenne said...

This sounds like something I should try :)

nabilla sari hidayat said...

can't wait to try this recipe!
i love your outfit btw

Madzia said...

mniami ;)

Dominique Candido said...



Restless Nomads said...

I love that this post is a little different from what you usually do - definitely need to check this drink out!

xoxo Sara

Mei Fleming said...

I need to try this recipe. Sounds great. Love this dress.

Rossana Suarez said...

omg it looks so delicious and really need to try the drink and also make the cookies. you are such an inspiration luv

Rossana Suarez said...

you look so young in the pics!! beautiful

Purse Fixation said...

Mmm.. looks yummy! I love baking!
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trés beans said...

those look super delicious! whats the texture like? did you create this recipe yourself?

anoddgirl said...

oooo i want to try these

Laura lexo said...



Em said...

not my thing but that dress is amazing!

Stephanie said...

Looks so yummy I should try it!! FYI that little white dress is adorbs love it where from?


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...


Rossana Suarez said...

so chic both of you , love you guys.

Jeanne said...

Your white dress is perfect Natalie! You look great!
And the food must be so yummy!

claudia fernandez fernandez said...

lovely dress

Gaby Dob said...

Great outfit!

Nikki Williams said...

yum! these look yummy


Lauren S said...

the drinks and cookies sound so delicious would love to find in my local WF. Your dress is so pretty, love the design
Lauren x
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Tara Milhem said...

Just did a promo for them too! Check it out @SkinnybyTara.. would love to connect xx

Sneakyinsuburbia said...

Yum! I'll have to try this! x

Brianna Mestre said...

I can't get passed that gorgeous dress!

Ripped Jeans

Amanda Sater said...

Love that dress!! Great post. xoxo